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  1. Anyone from this forum who isn't going to these shows are gonna be gutted to miss it. In saying that You should all download the livewire festival app from Google Play or apple store. As there is a section on it for streaming. The app hasn't really been maintained that well, but lets hope they get some use out of it come the shows. The festival begins Friday night with The Jacksons. So will be worth logging in then to see what streaming services they are offering. I'm also in two minds whether to try and avoid watching any videos online of the MTV Croatia show the night before. Its almost like trying to avoid movie spoilers.
  2. Check Jeff and Lynette's Facebook. We have a full live band for these shows. It's gonna be Too Damn Hype in full effect status
  3. You gotta send us sneak peak to the whatsapp group Brakes. Or are you keeping the unveiling til the day?
  4. I'm tempted to do the same Brakes. Maybe a Too Damn Hype tee
  5. Just watched a live interview will Jada on a UK show called Sunday Brunch. She was promoting a new film she's in with Queen Latifah. Actually looks pretty funny. Anyway.. sounds like she and the family will be at both of these shows. The whole family are in the UK at the moment as apparently Will is already filming stuff for Aladdin. Jeff was over here for a show only a week ago or so. Maybe they met up to plan some stuff for these shows.
  6. If the author was that big a fan you'd think he'd know about the shows by now. In saying that its not like Will has been pushing them himself that much. Hi marketing team seem quite lazy when it comes to his music.
  7. Like the concept. Will have to try and check these out.
  8. Looking forward to this, and like Tim said previously, great timing with the shows coming up next month.
  9. Questlove looked gutted that he didn't know. Plus interesting she only mentioned the Croatia show. I guess it being an MTV thing it's kinda a big deal. Here's hoping it's televised.
  10. Wow. I knew there were hints here and there. But to be done is amazing. Here's hoping how he probably will release independently that this won't be far from coming out at all.
  11. The train would be your best bet Dude. Think there's a direct one from Manchester Airport station (sometimes one change) to Blackpool North station. Which is the closest station to the venue
  12. Add me in Bro, Although i think you have my number 07930 125 793
  13. Nice to know you got somewhere sorted Dude. Hope it wasn't too pricey.
  14. Ted, try it via Jeff's website. You should be able to download the mp3s of it via a link on his site as well.
  15. This is a pretty cool remix. Love all the little samples and extras thrown in. Classic with a touch of new style. Quality stuff.
  16. Not sure how easy it will be to go to the after party. I know VIP tickets get you in, but not sure how else you can.
  17. Wow. Sounds amazing concept Matt. Will get an email to you ASAP
  18. No worries Man. Not sure what the after show party will entail. You guys stopping overnight in Blackpool. For thiose that are from the forum, we could meet up for breakfast / lunch the next day..
  19. You guys will have to try and save me and the wife a spot near you guys. I'm assuming the Golden Circle section may be a tad less cramped than the standard area.
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