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  1. I think Mel would do an amazing job on this movie.
  2. If star wars wasn't there it would have done so much better
  3. Good lists guys, Ive been so far away from music lately that I had not seen some of these videos until now.
  4. I saw the movie yesterday, I am definitely convinced that the critics are out to get Will. The movie is not a masterpiece but it is not bad at all. It is moving, uplifting. Has funny moments, sad ones and moments that make you think. I feel it is original and different from all that is out there in the theaters nowadays. It has a nice message. The actors were really great in it, and Will again did a great performance like on Pursuit of happiness and concussion. I would not give it a 10/10, but I think a 7-8 out of 10 it can get, especially when you see it not as a Will Smith movie, but as a film of its genre. GO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF.
  5. Im going to see it this weekend on the movie theather but I know it will be packed.
  6. http://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2016/12/14/collateral-beauty-review-will-smiths-insane-melodrama-is-worth-defending/#37ebbf10551f
  7. Seeing those reviews none of them actually explain why the movie is bad, they do not critizize the acting, or the plot, or the writing, they basically hate on the movie, for what? sentimentalism? for being a dramedy? for not liking it? or for Will Smith being there? For having a message? basically I dont read critics anymore, I go, see movies and make my own opinion of them.
  8. Its not going to be a Box Office hit coming out on the peak of Star wars and Assassins creed, but I think overall will be a movie with good christmas spirit.
  9. Man that mustache looks so funny and creepy now
  10. I will watch. I just hope it's good
  11. I thought it was another movie with Will. This may actually be my second favorite movie of his, after independence day.
  12. I remember when we thought this was not good music.
  13. Yeah very good one, have heard it like 6 times since yesterday.
  14. Heard this on that Luke Cage show, and wow I didn't think this kid could spit like this
  15. I checked it out today, definitely up to the hype, I just ordered cause I want a hard copy. So glad that they are putting out music like this.
  16. I had to install it again for it to work. But music is what Im looking for and so far nothing else new.
  17. Today these rumors about Will being Gay are all over facebook trending.
  18. The movie did great despite all the negativity
  19. This has done very well, and if it wasnt for the bad reviews I think it could have done even better. People have told me good things about Will's performance on it.
  20. Specially now that we finally have a little window of hope, he can start just releasing songs like this if he has a good reception.
  21. Maybe we need to post that video on the JJFP page on facebook or share it to jazzy so he can post it on his facebook page.
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