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  1. I really hope he speaks with Chris Rock, perhaps he can donate to one of his charities or something and then he takes a break from the limelight to work on himself. I was reflecting on how much Will has inspired me as a person with his advice, his charisma and his work ethics. I believe he deserves a break. People make mistakes and I hope this mistake does not cost him his career. He has a lot of good he can do for the world outside of all this craziness. Perhaps now he will keep his things private and focus more on what he can do to help out.
  2. I don't agree to do a red table talk about this unless Chris Rock is present there to talk about it and it should be live and unedited.
  3. The police went to the Smiths house after being notified of drone activity in the premises. They feel it may have been paparazzi but have not been able to confirm
  4. Will smith - Yall know. That intro is still my hype track
  5. Man. Coming back here brings back so many memories
  6. The audio book is awesome. So funny. He raps. He sings. You feel like he is talking to you and telling you all these stories. I completely recommend it. And yes. That last chapter is a downer so you can skip it too.
  7. I follow Jazzy Jeff all the time on Instagram. He has really kept busy online since the pandemic started and I've been loving every second of it. And yes, I think the next step should be music related.
  8. Comedians do this all the time. Back in the Day even more. They used to pick people with disabilities to make fun of. The joke was not even too hard. We cannot start assaulting comedians for making a joke. Will probably knows that as he is an avid follower of comedy and he is actually promoting now some stage comedians on a stand up special. He lost his mind for a moment and will regret it for a while.
  9. Now, if you guys read his book, a lot of things came to my mind from it. For example there was a part in which he says that for some part of his early days in LA he would slap people for any little thing while he was going out with Charlie Mack. He would get upset they would call him "soft" so he was getting in a lot of fights. Also brings to mind all his talk in the book about "the coward". I think after he saw Jada "hurted", he felt like he needed to prove to himself and everyone that he is not "the coward". He just did it the wrong way.
  10. Wow I have not been here in so long. Good to see you guys. He should have never slapped Rock in front of everybody there. It ruined the evening. I felt bad for Questlove getting his Oscars right after that debacle
  11. The name is a little corny. Lol but i don't care. I've been awaiting for this for a long time!
  12. He definitely has reached to a lot of people with his new found like for social media
  13. NAS - New York state of mind. Man ive been rocking a lot of Illmatic lately
  14. He should have the tittle song for bad boys 3. I think that would be the best
  15. Man this is amazing!! thanks so much for bringing it. I always imagined what it would be like, and it is awesome
  16. He looked like he had a great time!
  17. I like it that we get to see a little more of his life and his thoughts through his new found like for social media.
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