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  1. I have to do this speech on Turntablism...

    I'm going to touch on...

    Phonographs and the Development of Turntables

    Cool Herc/Grandmaster Flash, Breakbeats/Mixers, etc...

    Grand Wizard Theodore and the creation of Scratch techniques..


    And then probably end with how the technology has grown. Digital DJs, etc...But where else should I go? What else should I include?

  2. http://www.xxlmag.com/online/?p=59225

    Aparrently Jiggaman has collaborated with MJ in more occasions than fans were aware of. According to the Brooklyn rapper, Jackson sang on “Girls, Girls, Girls” on the original Blueprint album. “He was on my song ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’, singing these background vocals and I didn’t even put his name on it,” Jay wrote.

    The two have collaborated before...But I've been listening to the original and remix and I can't really tell...

    If this is true...it COULD be him on the hook of the remix, harmonizing with the sample....

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