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  1. From what I've heard...Incentive...In some places it's cheaper to import the CD from the US, so they add bonus tracks to give them a reason to spend a little more...but I'm not 100% sure...

    Nothing on My Mind was technically released in the US, though...You just had to buy the CD from Best Buy...

  2. http://www.superherohype.com/news/topnews.php?id=7878

    When we asked Will if he'd ever be up for playing another superhero he replied that there were a lot of unexplored characters in the HANCOCK universe that would be ripe for a sequel and confirmed that we'll definitely see the rumored HANCOCK 2 in a few years.

    The Peter Berg-directed film, which was made for $150 million, earned $624.4 million worldwide.

    There is no direct quote, though, so take it for what it is...

  3. I understand a lot of you don't like Kanye, but there are a few that do...

    I picked this album up yesterday and I gotta say, I was impressed. Different sound, but I really liked it. The instrumentals are amazing, too...

    "Say You Will", "Welcome To Heartbreak", "Street Lights", "Bad News", "Coldest Winter", "Paranoid"...All great songs, and in my opinion much better than the two singles he's released so far.

  4. Basically, I have this paper to do on Racial inequalities at the workplace, and I'm having a hard time thinking up topics to touch on relating to that. Money is definitely one, but could you guys maybe help me brainstorm a few other things I could touch on? I don't know, I kind of know what I want to say but for whatever reason I'm drawing a blank.

  5. That was then.

    He didn't make the same problems this year. He came into this season on the last year of his contract. He didn't complain and cry about it. He said he wasn't even thinking about it. He continued to play at a top level. Didn't hold out, didn't cause problems...A few weeks later the Cowboys gave him a new 4 year deal.

    Jerry Jones said he talked to TO after making the trade for Roy Williams. TO was excited about it. Jerry Jones said TO asked him for Roy's number right then so he could call him. I think Roy Williams said one of the first calls he got after hearing about the trade was from TO.

    TO has changed since the Eagle cut him. I understand his stay in Philadelphia was dramatic, and it's hard to forgive him for it...But he really seems like a different person, now. He's got a much better attitude, now. It's all about winning games and winning the Superbowl. Not stats and money. I'm not saying he doesn't care about that stuff, but from what I hear and read, Wins are more important. He wanted to get involved more because he wanted to do more to help the team WIN.

  6. It's funny because people don't realize that he just wants to win. He doesn't want more touches because he's selfish and wants all the stats for himself. He wants to Win and he wants to help. He's our best offensive player and I agree with him. we need to get the ball in his hands more. Adding Roy Williams makes us a better team and gives us a better chance to WIN. If we WIN games, Terrell Owens won't complain.

  7. Roy Williams and a 7th Rounder for a 1st, 3rd and 6th.

    I'm so excited about this deal. We add another threat to the passing game. He'll definitely help take some of the pressure off of Terrell Owens. a 1st, 3rd and 6th may sound like a lot...But since Pacman Jones got suspended today, we keep our 6th that would have gone to the Titans, and they give us a 5th. So overall I'm liking this deal.

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