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  1. 21 minutes ago, Hero1 said:

    I love brakes version! I have this on repeat now. This song gives me a holla back vibe I love it! :greensmilies-009::greensmilies-009:

    I was thinking holla back vibes too but I don’t know why.

    The longer Will leaves it the more I want the full version. It’s pretty clever how he built his social media and YouTube channel and then put this out there.

    Good times to be a Will Smith fan.

  2. I was already super excited for Aladdin because I love Disney. This just takes it to a whole new level!!!!

    I already mentioned in another post that Mena (the guy that plays Aladdin) put on his Instagram that they had filmed a massive scene for “friend like me” which is sung by the Genie. 

    Sounds like this could be new stuff, I reckon it could be a bit like what Justin Timberlake did with the trolls movie.

  3. I think Wills greatest achievement was that he made me dislike his character and that’s hard to do since he’s such a nice guy. 

    I felt so sorry for Jakoby. I enjoyed the racism part of the story much more than when the wand got involved. 

  4. Just watched it, it was awesome! So different from anything else, you have to give it that. Will was great in it.

    The critics and the media have had in it for Will for a while. At first I wasn’t sure about it going straight to Netflix, but they’ve had some of the best shows on tv this year. Looks like they are trying to take over the movie world too. Gotta give Will and them credit for making a movie like this. 

    I think it’s a love it or hate it kind of movie but definitely more people love it. 

    Will did have some set backs with his career, but I can see him taking risks and building on it again. Ignore the critics, go in with an open mind and enjoy it. 

  5. Ok so I did some snooping/stalking whatever you wanna call it on Mena Massoods instagram (Aladdin). He made a video saying he and Will were working on “Friend like me”. For those not familiar with Aladdin, the Genie sings that.


    So it looks like Will has a musical number in this. Who knows if they stick to original lyrics or change it up but I can’t help but be excited.

  6. It is a bit odd but at first I didn’t think Netflix exclusive shows would work. But it turns out my favourite shows I’ve seen this year are Netflix exclusive. 

    Hey, at least we don’t have to buy a movie ticket lol. And those you that don’t have Netflix just get your first month free. 

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