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  1. Maybe I'm biased but from what I've heard of the sucide squad soundtrack, caution in the wild is better than any track on it. I reckon it's demo and since it was rejected Will didn't finish. It's a shame coz I really like it, I prefer it to fiesta. 

    At the end of the day, if the big radio stations decided they don't want to play a song, it's hard to chart. They decide what's popular. 

  2. 16 hours ago, Hero1 said:

    Yeah although the jjfp.com Facebook page has 200,000 likes Facebook doesn't show the posts to anyone. At least if you join a group you will see what is posted their. We can make it kind of exclusive and post um some rare things for the real fans!

    I still see the JJFP.com posts. I think Facebook just chooses certain people to post to. It might choose me because I read comments etc. I dunno how it works lol. 

  3. Don't want to put negativity in here but a bunch of Trump supporters are writing horrible comments all over this app. Can you guys go and write nice comments to try and drown them out a bit. I'm sure they will give up soon and go back to dragging their knuckles along the floor. 

    At at least they gave Will more downloads tho hey lol.

  4. I thought this post was a joke because I didn't see his post on Facebook. This is amazing, it's what you guys have been saying all along, just put something out for the fans on YouTube or an app. I think he needs to give this forum credit for the idea lol.

    That song had to be for suicide squad, he says suicide a lot! I wonder if it just didn't make the cut, which sucks because from what I've heard the actual soundtrack is garbage.

    I've only heard the track once but I like it, has Will's vibe but sounds modern. I wish he was on it more too, bit like fiesta, but hey more to come. He hasnt made is app just for photos and videos. 

  5. I think your all right with the he's scared thing. It was all looking so promising, then fiesta kinda did nothing apart from made a few news stories online. No-one played the song, it didn't enter the top 200 in the iTunes chart. I think that's mostly because he recorded with an unknown band, at least in the UK and Europe. I think that was the tester. If that song had been a success he would of donated more time to music.

    i think he's being vague because he doesn't know, or he's recorded stuff and doesn't feel its good enough. Interviewers are asking him and he has no real answer. 

    As much as I want new music, his safer option music wise is to do these shows. People do love his old music. And people love 90's nostalgia. 

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