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  1. I rarely listen to reviews. If fans come out of the cinema and say it's bad, then I'm worried, until then, I still think this is Will's "comeback". 

    Also listening to what Will says about Trump is amazing. He must feel passionate about it because he rarely slags anyone off. 

  2. Struggling to remember what's happened in 10 years.


    i qualified as a veterinary nurse and I'm still working as one now. I moved from an awful practise to another one which is much better. I work with amazing people and my skills are used much more. 

    Joined a gym 7 years ago and as the years have passed by its become a huge part of my life. It's a great social circle and I'm now in the best shape of my life. Ran the great north run last year which is a half marathon. 

    Got my dog 4 years ago, he's now my best mate.

    Had a big health scare in 2011, it's still there but luckily not really an issue and I've become a stronger person coming out the other side of it. 

    Met Jeff a fair few times, I've lost count! Saw Will briefly twice at film premiers. 

    Had a few relationships but my love life is currently DOA.

    Fingers crossed I'm a few weeks away from signing contracts and buying my first home. 

    Travelled to California, New York and Las Vegas. This October I'm going to Florida. 

  3. To be honest I expected it to be worse than that. I'm just glad the oscars is over and they will shut up about it. I think it has hurt Will's career, most people don't agree with him and Jada. Let's just hope they make some kind of change to the oscars so at least Will and Jada can say they at least achieved something out of this mess. 


    But yeah im not gonna watch this years oscars, looked crap haha.

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