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  1. People will always make jokes about the slap for the rest of his career unfortunately. People still joke about the entanglement, they still talk about the open marriage. It will always be there and someone will always make a comment.


    I don’t however think it’s the end of his career. He’s too liked and too talented for it to overshadow his whole personality.

    I think the next step for him is to go about his business. Do a new film, then as he’s promoting it, he will undoubtedly be asked and he can address it then. 

    I don’t think he should do an interview just about it. It’s just bringing it all up again.

  2. Although I think 10 years is such a long time, I feel a bit relieved by this news. I really didn’t want Will to lose his Oscar. Imagine how devastating that would be to lose an award you worked your whole life to get for a moment of madness. 

    The Oscar’s had to punish him some way to show that they think violence is wrong, so Will had something coming to him just so the academy can look good.

    Now that’s done it can become yesterdays news, Will can focus on himself and hopefully build his career back. 

  3. Honestly, as much as i hate the situation, the memes are pretty funny. 

    But yeah, the media need to take it easy now, they are interviewing every celebrity about it to try and get another headline. I'm disappointed in some celebrity takes on it. Amy schumer said it was really upsetting to see Will slap Chris Rock, then ive seen another story saying one of her jokes about the Alec Baldwin shooting accident wasn't allowed. Why does she think a joke about someone getting killed can be ok?

    Anyway, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Will made a mistake, we all make mistakes, let it go. 

  4. He's definitely got some great content, it would also be a great way for him to vent. Everyone is talking about him right now (MIB was playing in my local supermarket) so i think people would be more interested in what he has to say right now. Its the whole, no publicity is bad publicity thing. 

    It would be great for him to spend time with Jeff, JL and Charlie etc. From the book, those guys seem to of always been such a positive impact on his life. He was like his old self when he did that zoom thing with them in lockdown. 

  5. I'm still trying to process this whole thing. If a week ago someone would of said this has happened, i wouldn't believe it.

    I think my main concern is Wills mental health. He's a celebrity so none of us here truly know him. But most of us here have followed him for 20+ years, we've listened to his music which is his soul and read his book which he spoke so much truth. I feel like i know him well enough to know this isn't him. This is Kanye West type ****. Its especially not him to do this on the most public stage in the world. I want to know what lead him to react like that, is there something we don't know. I'm not saying theres any conspiracy here, it just has to be more than defending his wife from a joke.

    I didn't really know what it meant to be a part of the academy. Turns out its like Visqo said, he just can't vote etc. He can still technically win oscars, however i don't think he will win anymore (he may even have his current one removed).

    I don't think this is career ending, but i think its career damaging. The other guys that got removed from the academy where sex offenders, Will slapped someone. Theres a big difference there! 

    Theres people on social media that are very loud to criticise but most people i know in real life love Will. I think the fact that hes so well loved and that this is his first major mistake in his 30 year career means he can recover from this. I'm sure its gonna take time. Most peoples take on this is to get a funny meme or a tiktok out of it. I don't think many people are truly offended by what he did, just shocked as its out of character. 

    I don't want him to do the red table talk, that show has damaged his reputation already. He needs to stay quiet a bit, reflect on why he did this and slowly build his career back.

  6. i absolutely loved this book. The first part was incredible, there was so much i didn't know about Will, it certainly helped me understand him a lot better, really funny in some places too. It dipped a bit after MIB, then i found he lost me a bit as soon as he started talking about Willow and his drug usage etc, i was a bit dissapointed in that.

    I keep meaning to listen to the audiobook version of it now as i've heard he raps a bit in it. 

  7. Firstly, hi everyone, sad we couldn't be meeting under better circumstances.

    I've been unsure what to think of this all day and I've been looking at everyone's opinions. Firstly i was really dissapointed for me to wake up at 6am and look at my phone to see if he'd won his first Oscar and it took me 5 mins to find out because it was so overshadowed with what he did. When i first saw the clip i didn't actually get Chris Rocks joke because im not familiar with GI Jane. As much as dislike Jada at the moment, that joke was uncalled for. I've certainly heard worse but we don't know what shes been through and if Will has seen her really upset with the struggle with her hair.

    Will should not of slapped Chris though, especially live on television at the biggest award show in the world. These days you can get cancelled for that kind of crap, i'm surprised its actually 50/50 on peoples thoughts on him.

    The main thing i feel about this, i'm worried for Will. It mostly started seeing him in tears on the red table talk when they spoke about entanglement, that had to be hard. The public humiliation hes had since must be rough, especially when hes spent his career being so loved. Then he clearly had issues when i read his book, it just goes to show peoples lives aren't as perfect as they look. 

    I think this was the straw that broke the camels back and i really hope he isnt stripped of his oscar over this. And i hope he gets help for his mental health, this reminds me of Britney shaving her head kind of moment. Its out of character for him to break his "Mr Fluffy" persona so publicly.


    Anyway, congratulations to him i suppose, King Richard was a great film. 

  8. We don't know the full story and it sounds like Will did some stuff too but i can't watch Jada in anything anymore, i've lost all respect for her and what shes says.

    Will just looks massively hurt by this, i don't know how they managed to recover from it tbh. I feel different about how they talk about love and marriage from now on, like its all a lie.

    I also agree with AJ, Will seems different with Jada, he seemed more like himself and the old Will we know and love when he was talking to Charlie and Jeff.

  9. Hi guys, sorry it appears i haven't been on here since 2018, i'd like to say Ive been busy this year but obviously i haven't lol.

    This reunion had everything. I loved how we got so much backstage information, the tribute to James Avery was perfect.

    I'm glad Janet and Will made up, sort of. It was obviously very awkward. I'm sure Will wasnt perfect as like he said, he was 21 and had ambitions. Janet must of been difficult as the rest of the cast hated her too. Theres a red tablet talk where they go into this in more detail, which is just as awkward.

    I'm glad they talked about the family vibes they had. You could really feel that watching the show. It almost felt like as a viewer you were part of that family too.

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