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  1. should the LP have been pushed back? especially considering that Interscope is busy pushing the Teflon Twins (50 & Game)... and, sadly, i really haven't heard "Switch" on Urban or Pop radio yet.. sigh..
  2. hmm... i wonder when jeff's new LP comes out.. and i hope a tour is done this summer..
  3. I read they were opening for Will on his eventual tour.. so do they have a record deal with an establishment label or are they still doing the indie thing?
  4. are there commentaries from any of the actors, or producers...
  5. both were pretty easy on the eyes for me.. Aunt Viv 2 was shorter and bustier, though..:)
  6. really... so if they had done House Party, I guess Jeff would have been "Play" and Will would have been "Kid".. interesting....
  7. I have dim memories of reading through one of the fanzines of the time-- black beat, right on, one of 'em... and saw some still photos of a video that was being done for "nightmare on my street"... "Freddy" was to have turntable arms/needles placed on a glove for his claw hand.. but i don't remember ever seeing the video itself... did New Line Cinema sue Jive records or something to not put it out? I do remember that lil' disclaimer on many pressings of the LP, "the record Nightmare on My street is not affiliated with any Nightmare on Elmstreet Film in any way" or something to that effect.. hmm....
  8. January? That's usually like a Dead Zone for music releases.. hmm.. I hope that Interscope isn't fronting with the promotion... by the by, is this officially JJ & FP, or Will solo?
  9. JANUARY?? That's usually like the dead zone for stuff the labels couldn't push by the holidays... usually a bad time to put out a new record.. people have spent their money.. may be better to wait until february..
  10. heh-heh-heh-heh-heh... I know Jimmy Iovine is pleased.. we need some more details on the deal though.. Does Will own his master tapes? since he's more or less got "access" to interscope collaborations, then is a cut with Dr. Dre far behind.. he may do something with the Peas, too.. but eminem? ehh.. I guess em apologized for the swipe on "real slim shady", but unless em is gonna clean it up, i don't see the two of them collaborating.. producers needed- Jazzy Jeff, Rick Rubin, DJ Premier... Oh, and a song with MJB, but what about JILL SCOTT?
  11. heh... a Fresh Prince/LL collabo LP? whoa.. that would be too hot.. they've both got enough years in the game to go there.. might as well..
  12. I dunno if it's time for Will to go there yet... but in the right role, would you check out a flick where Will was the bad guy?
  13. National Lampoon Presents Dorm Daze [url="http://imdb.com/title/tt0362511/"]http://imdb.com/title/tt0362511/[/url] i saw this at a video store and had to pause.. i didn't rent it, but i'm curious... national lampoon hasn't been the same since the 80's, so I dunno.. but apparently Tatyana is up in the mix in some capacity here.... Dorm Daze unfolds during a crazy afternoon at a university co-ed dormitory in the days before Christmas break when one of the students, Styles McFee (Patrick Renna), hires a prostitute named Dominique (Boti Bliss) for his unwitting brother, Booker (Chris Owen), to lose his virginity. But Booker prefers to loose his virginity to his long-term sweetheart Rachel (Gable Carr) just down the hall. Meanwhile, another student, named Wang (Paul H. Kim), awaits the arrival of a French foreign exchange student, who speaks little English, also named Dominique (Marie Nicolle Marquis). Farcical wackiness ensues as a series of mistaken identities and mishaps escalate into monumental proportions starting when Wang leaves for work, Dominique the Student arrives and is mistaken for the prositute by Styles, while Dominique the Hooker is mistaken for the student by others including the two dorm gossip queens Lynn (Jennifer Lyons) and Marla (Danielle Fischel). Other characters involve Adrienne (Cameron Richardson) whom is targeted by the dorm geek Newmar (Tony Denman) whom they had a drunken fling the night before. Adrienne tries to find a missing handbag belonging to her friend Claire (Tatyana Ali) whom is having boyfriend troubles with Tony (Edwin Hodge). Adrienne's roommate, Gerri (Mariah Delfino) inadvertently gets her hands on another handbag similar looking to Claire's which is filled with $30,000 in cash where Gerri is soon mistaken for a shadowy hitwoman, named Britany the Snake, by a local gangster named Lorenzo (Courtney Gains). Elsewhere, Pete's (Patrick Cavanaugh) punk friend Cliff (Jamed DeBello) enters the dorm when Pete has to go to work. Cliff soon teams up with Dominique the Hooker to find the missing handbag with the cash while the token gay student Foosball (Randy Spelling) works his way through all the plots of this collegiate comedy of Shakespearean proportions.
  14. wow.. this would have been interesting... oldschool ghostbusters meets new school..
  15. is this movie good? will plays this con artist, right? but in the movie, he's gay?
  16. just curious... did he ever invite folks to come on stage and do a battle?
  17. [url="http://www.hiddenbeach.com/press/08-03-04.htm"]http://www.hiddenbeach.com/press/08-03-04.htm[/url]
  18. a dubbed cassette copy of Rock.. my cousin scott had a dub copy himself.. i listened to it non-stop.. the original version of GIRLS, as well... i especially remember the reference to "i couldn't resist so I grabbed her butt, she said what's wrong with you fool, are you some kinda nut.." but they Scratched over "butt" like it was a curse or something.. :bowrofl:
  19. I'm waiting for them to collaborate.. on a record as well as a movie...
  20. his type of lyrics, maybe a little more aggressive (i.e., "we're just rockin"), with rock production.. it would be large..
  21. So will Will be rapping or singing on this? hmm...
  22. will is supposed to play some homeless kid, or paraplegic? small role..
  23. this would be great.. everything from the 80's until today... Now, you figure that they spent most of their tenure on Jive.. then Will signed to Columbia.. Now that BMG and Sony are merging, the Jive and Columbia catalogs will be 'combined assets' of the big company.. so it could set the stage for a comprehensive boxed set of all their collective material.. the album cuts, the B-sides, soundtrax, etc.; and with JJ & Will's involvement, some extra stuff as well... So who should we write to in order to get someone cracking on this?
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