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  1. ...no disrespect.. would the daughter be considered albino? even if the father's white, that seems a she inherited "no" skin tone from Mom....
  2. with Hancock on the way, I'm sure that marvel or DC would love to see him in a superhero film of theirs..
  3. i'll check out this cd.. http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&a...10:g9fwxq9sldfe
  4. excellent news.. too bad Commercial Radio here in the states would never do something like that.. ah well...
  5. If I had a say: I dunno, if it was a 90 minute show, then-- girls ain't nothin but trouble magnificent jazzy jeff touch of jazz just one of those days parents just don't understand brand new funk here we go again nightmare on my street i think I can beat mike tyson jazzy's groove summertime i'm all that ring my bell lovely daze boom shake the room i wanna rock men in black just cruisin' wild wild west will 2 k
  6. Charlize Theron in this film.. mmmm... hope she has some sexy scenes..
  7. both were sexy.. it's hard to say which one I prefer.. I appreciated the character development during Ms. Hubert-Whitten's tenure.. after Ms. Reid took over, they seemed to push her further in the background..
  8. I predict this will eventually be released.. whenever there's a proper DVD of the JJFP music videos..
  9. i forgot about that one.. ah well.. maybe it went to the same place that Chuck Cunningham (Happy Days) and the youngest Winslow girl (Family Matters) went with other abandoned sitcom characters..
  10. I guess "Tonight, He Comes" is on the horizon, but I still want Will to hook up with either Marvel or DC (both?) to do a superhero movie series.. "regular" options (i.e., black heroes) DC Mr. Terrific Black Lightning Steel (a real version, not Shaq!) Marvel Falcon Luke Cage Brother Voodoo Cardiac Prowler
  11. at the end of season 5.. Will's mom and Lisa's dad got married instead of Will & Lisa.. at the beginning of season six, you'd think that episode never happened, because it (and lisa & her dad) are never mentioned again.. the other continuity dump was another season-ender when Will went to philadelphia and supposedly said he was staying.. in the first episode next season, it wasn't handled in any "story" kind of way-- they broke the fourth wall and had NBC goons kidnap will to take him back to Bel Air.. Anybody notice these circumstances? I guess the writers were just lazy... :shakehead:
  12. so KRS-One is not on the album anymore? anybody know did they record anything at all, or was it just not included on this release (maybe released later?)
  13. I want to see Jazzy Jeff produce an album for LL Cool J..
  14. a touch of jazz... best song w/ lyrics-- hmm.. brand new funk
  15. whaaa?? There was a rap alternate take of this record? was it recorded at the same time as the original?
  16. ..what role did these guys play in JJ & FP's career early on? Did they really produce the early records? ...what are these guys doing now, if anything?
  17. happy anniversary.. and hopefully we'll start to see remastered/expanded editions of all the LPs..
  18. did anyone bother buying the Nightmare 5 soundtrack? I remember seeing a copy in a store, it was like, half rap/R&B, half metal.. that chick Samantha Fox was on there.. I didn't buy it..
  19. interesting.. Russell Simmons was the group's manager early on.. during the Jive years.. If they were to become a duo again, I'd love to see them on the Def Jam roster..
  20. hmm.... Hopefully, Will and Jeff will do a tour to promote this.. hey, TRL is waiting!
  21. I'd like to see them collaborate for an album-- all the years they spent on Jive, i'm surprised they never hooked up-- unless there's some unreleased stuff sitting in a basement somewhere..
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