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  1. releasing just one or two new songs a year? Sure it may not be as good as getting a full album but it would still be better than nothing and Will will be able to focus more on his movie career but he'd still be keeping the music side of him alive. What do you all think about this? Would you be happy with just one or two new songs per year?
  2. Seems like everyone in the Smith family is making music except the man himself :(
  3. While i'm dissapointed that there's no MIB3 track from Will i do understand his decision not to do one because it would have become Did he say himself that he regrets it or did it just sound like he regrets it?
  4. That gives me a bit more hope that we will be seeing another album from him. Him saying that he'll maybe do another album is alot more promising than him saying ''I have no desire to get back into music'' like he was a few years ago
  5. It things like this that really make me miss the 90's. The 90's was a great time to be a Will Smith fan. We had The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, The albums Homebase, Code Red, Big Willie Style and Willenium. And we had the movies Six Degerees Of Seperation, Bad Boys, Men In Black and Enemy Of The State
  6. Like what someone said before if Will didn't want to do a 3rd song then they could have just re-released or remixed the first song. Yeah it would have been nothing new but it still would have been better than what we got
  7. What frustrates me the most is that during the release of Lost And Found Will was going on and on about how much he loves music and how important it is to him and how he considered himself to be a rapper first and an actor second and then a year after Lost and Found's release Will completly changes his mind and says that he's not interested in doing music anymore.
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-18140 R.I.P Robin. You'll be missed
  9. Hope this is true cause if it is then it will give me hope that we will be seeing some new music from Will. Cause the news of him not doing the MIB3 soundtrack made me lose hope for new music a little
  10. The fact that Will isn't doing the MIB3 soundtrack has made me lose a little hope that we will be seeing new music from him. I know that Jeff said that he and will were back in the studio together but Will could have just been recording some stuff for fun and wasn't planning on releasing anything. I really hope that i'm wrong and Will was not doing the MIB3 soundtrack so he could focus on creating more series JJFP hip hop
  11. He did a mini freestyle at the start of the show. So it wasn't really a full on performance but atleast we got something new and different from him muscially, even if he was rapping about the kids choice awards lol
  12. This has killed my excitment a little bit for going to see the movie
  13. Or something like Brand New Funk which would be even better IMO.
  14. Re-releasing the first Men In Black song would have been better than this
  15. I really hope your right Julie and i know i'm in the minority but i like Black Suits Coming.
  16. I really hope that the music Will's been working on with Jeff get's released cause when i hear news like this it lowers my hopes for a new album and makes me think that Will may have been recording new music just for fun and is not planning on releasing anything.
  17. ''Like LL said don't call it a comeback, and face the fact jack. I'm all that''
  18. Jazz - ''I'll earn my keep. I'll do whatever Geoffrey does'' Uncle Phil - ''Geoffrey bathes'' Jazz - ''I can learn''
  19. Awesome news. I always said that Will would be great at hosting The Kids Choice Awards I wonder if he'll perform
  20. One thing i would really love if if the new album was under the name DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince and have Jeff be on every track but the chances of that happening is very unlikely (but you still never know). I can't complain though cause we're finally getting some new music. FP could name himself ''Super happy lovey dovey kisses guy'' and i'd still be excited
  21. With new music and Men In Black 3 on the way i feel like it's 1997 again
  22. For a few months i've been taking a break from Hip Hop and listening to more pop/rock. Because of this i've falling behind on what's happening in hip hop at the moment and i wanna get back into it. So has anyone here got any hip hop artist or hip hop albums to recommomend? It can be new or old school, i don't mind Thanks very much!
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