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  1. It's so frustrating. You can tell that Will still enjoys doing music, so why don't he continue with it?
  2. When ever an article uses phrases like ''A source says'' then 95% of the time it's usually not true. So until further news comes of this I'm taking it with a pinch of salt
  3. it's not just ''Jiggy''. Lots of people also think that Nas wrote ''Just Cruisin'' and some people that Rakim wrote ''Summertime'' I do think it's people trying to take credit away from FP as an emcee
  4. Apparently Michael and FP worked on a track together back in 2001. I hope that track will see the light of day one day
  5. When it comes to Will and music, I think the most we've got to look forward to is the one off concert with Jeff here and there, and maybe some small performances in interviews.
  6. From what I've heard this film seems to be an unintentional comedy, and if that's the case then I gotta check it out.
  7. Possible opinion around here, but I think that this is better than A Nightmare on My Street
  8. I'm just happy that Will hasn't completely turned his back on his roots
  9. I hope somebody got some video footage
  10. Eminem as always frustrated me because he's really talented but then he throws away all his talent on crap like Ass Like That and Just Loose It. I wish that Em would put his talents to better use
  11. I wish that Will would at least do a guest role on Jeff's albums. That alone would make me really happy
  12. That's something that i'll never get, In 2005 Will was all about the music and he was always going on and on about how much it meant to him, and that in his heart he was a rapper first but then in 2006 he says that he's not interested in doing music anymore. What happened? It just strange to me that Will had such a drastic change of heart in just 1 year
  13. He's either written nothing what so ever in 8 years or he has no confidence in what he has written. It's sad
  14. I think the most we've got to look forward to now is Will performing on talk shows like Graham Norton and David Letterman, and if we're really lucky he may do the one off performance with Jeff at one of his movie premiers. Sadly i think that this is the most we're gonna get when it comes to music
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iebmfAr9hU8 It comes in at about 10:00 into the video There's been a lot of music talk going on interviews lately. First Will raps Summertime on Letterman, then he's performing with Jazzy Jeff, Jaden and Alfonso on Graham Norton and now on Ellen Jaden is saying that Will keeps saying he wants to do something. I'm trying not to get my hopes up but i'm really exited and i hope that Will as something up his sleeve
  16. That was awesome! Come on Will! The mic is calling you
  17. Going from ''I have no desire to get back into music'' to ''Maybe'' is a huge improvement. I hope that Will gets the bug
  18. I remember there being an interview with Will around the time MIB 3 was out and someone asked if he would ever go back to making music and he said ''Maybe'' So there is a little bit of hope. Not much but a little
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