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  1. How does Will feel about the song Parent's just don't understand now that he's a parent himself? Just curios as to find out whether or not Will as commented on it since he've become a dad
  2. I agree I think that when Will drops his next album whether it be a Will Smith album or a DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince album that he should take about 2-3 years off from doing movies in order for him to properly promote his album and do a proper world tour. Unfortunatly i can't see this happening though with Will being one of the biggest movie stars in the world right now
  3. Hey everyone. How's it going? I just found out about this forum through one of the videos on youtube and being the hardcore JJFP fan that i am i decided to join up and this place does look like a very cool place, much better than willsmith.com. The teenie posts on there annoy me Anyways it's great to be here and i look forward to meeting everyone
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