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    Bob got a reaction from TheFre$hPrince in Will Smith Surprises Charlie Mack!   
    Ah my bad! I didn't know about the master fam thread. Man I've been out of the loop.

    Hey Visqo - I've been doing the whole career thing! Consulting is a bit of a hectic schedule. I spent my first five months in Southern California, then a bit back home, then San Fran...Now New York for the rest of the year. Whew. I wish I could spin turntables for a living because I got the travel down lol.
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    Bob got a reaction from JumpinJack AJ in Bomba Estéreo, Will Smith - Fiesta (Remix)[Cover Audio]   
    ​I'm very much of the same opinion. He doesn't need to preach it, per se, but I think that there's no gain or benefit to him doing it, so why start now? I almost think he didn't say the word completely, but the point remains that he has so much equity built up in how he's approached rhyming that I would hate to see it dropped. Especially now that people have really moved away from hard lyrics. No one is clamoring for the G-Unit types anymore. If anything, much of popular hip hop has gotten over the "coolness" of a curse.
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    Bob reacted to JumpinJack AJ in Bomba Estéreo, Will Smith - Fiesta (Remix)[Cover Audio]   
    He may have cussed on other records, but other than "U Saw My Blinker," it was edited.  I don't care to hear him do it.  It's not that it personally bugs me much, it's that he's spent 30 years saying how truly intelligent people don't use that kind of language to express themselves. It is hypocritical. For those expecting lyrics that can be played in front of the entire family, he is a staple. He's known for that by millions. I don't want to see him throw that away, nor to a I wanna hear an album by the 'Prince that's littered with lazy, common, foul language.  Look at the comments in the news articles, social media, and YouTube, there are a significant amount of people who are quoting his lyrics, his previous interview quotes, and even Eminem's line from "The Real Slim Shady."
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    Bob got a reaction from VIsqo in Will Smith rapping on the set of 'Focus'!   
    Saw it on the facebook fan page and couldn't spoil the positive vibes for casual fans...but then I had to come on here and vent as to how FRUSTRATING it is to hear the same thing...ugh
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    Bob got a reaction from VIsqo in Thanks to Tim and the Community Here   
    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to stop by and say - Tim, everyone here, everyone who still frequents or once frequented this site - you guys are awesome. Seriously.

    The impetus for this post is that seven years ago I came to this forum for an outlet, for an opportunity to enjoy my favorite artist, and for a community of similarly minded people when it came to good music. At the time, I ended up sharing some important moments in my life, including my first big break up. ()

    At the time, I was at what I thought was rock bottom. I had no idea how to communicate how sad I was, and how pessimistic I was about my future. I came to this forum and you guys were great. This site has created a community that, while it has waned with the lack of music updates from Will Smith, was a needed outlet and break from life sometimes. And with this community and my own personal network of friends and family, I thrived the next several years.

    I came back to this site today because seven years later I'm dealing with my second big breakup - this time of three years and plenty of expectations (e.g., marriage, settling down). And while I now laugh at how consumed I was back in 2006 with that (now seemingly insignificant) relationship, I realize that those same feelings have come back.

    People get depressed for a number of reasons. And the number one worst position to put yourself in is one without perspective or the realization that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Believe me, right now I could tell you how I feel like things will never get better, that I had my chance, that the girl of my dreams is no longer in my life. I could swear to you up and down that this time is different and I'm doomed.

    And then I can look at that post from seven years ago and realize those feelings are natural and almost required to come out of a situation for the better.

    So thanks to Tim and everyone here for keeping this site up and active, even as the activity has slowed. I never saved that post to my harddrive, but seeing it today was a great wakeup call to me, when I needed it most.

    It sounds kinda ridiculous but whatever I just wanted to express my thanks.

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