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  1. I dont think usin the same line is strange..but what I find hilarious is he samples luther vandross' never too much for a song about his wife <cant wait to be with you> and then he samples luther vandross never too much for a song about his second wife!! <1000 kisses> how can he get away with that :smart: :rofl:

    :rofl: ha! never thought of that before! Jada shouldn't stand for that! :kekeke:

  2. more pointless news, hes still here at different events with jada.

    i heard on the radio that Will was at a kerrang birthday party last night and the metal hammer awards. The news crew tried to speak to Will but said no bcoz it was about Jada. They spoke to Jada and they asked her about Will, she said Will was one of the first wicked wisdom fans, they then asked her if she is more metal than him, she said Will definatly has that side but she lets the metal side out of her a bit more than he does (thank God) . i dunno about every1 else but if Will does a metal album im gonna be a fan of 50 cent instead lol.

    u can hear the news report here, but its just basically what i wrote.


    u can hear it if u click on scott mills and forward the timer to 2.33

    thanks for the info. I think its nice that he doesnt wanna steal Jada's thunder by being interviewed. lol at your comment about 50 cent....i'm with you on that!! :3-laugh3:

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