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  1. i think ive checked most, we were next to the stage with the red carpet on. Me and Michelle should be on tv tho, Emma Griffiths was doing a show and we had to smile in the background. Im trying to keep an eye out for it but i have no idea what channel it will be on.

    me either...been looking in the tv guide for this week but can't see anything. Really wanna know what channel it was for!

  2. I honestly believe when a reporter or the press ask him about music he's not too bothered to admit to anything. But to the fans (like us at the show the other day) if we asked him he knows that there are real people out there that wanna hear new stuff. That must be a good feeling for him knowing we are supporting him in that part of his career.

    that's a really good point Kev, we're not uninterested interviewers with a set of questions to ask, we're fans and you, as a fan, asked him a specific question about his music career, which surely tells him how much we all want a new album.

  3. I was behind you lot in the queue.

    Suprised no ones mentioned the comedy genius security man!!!!! in the words of Kat from big brother he was "hi-wair-wi-ous"

    haha...yeah, how could we forget "T" lol we should have asked him for a photo!!! He was SO funny...even if i did get a little embarassed at the time!! :ohdear:

  4. I think over here we get it one of those channel five channels (Five US, Five Life, or Fiver...lol whatever it's called at the mo) but sometimes they're really old ones...guess we're just gonna have to keep our eyes peeled.

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