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  1. he's also at the Hammersmith Palais tomorrow, sorry it's such short notice :noooo:

    Monday 29th August - Goodies Presents: Jazzy Jeff + Killa Kella + Firin' Squad

    The Fresh Prince's DJ of choice & Hip Hop legend Jazzy Jeff is flying over from Philly, USA to play a special bank holiday Monday date at the Palais. Jeff is regarded as one of the finest Hip Hop DJ's to ever grace the scene, while his production talents have helped stars like Jill Scott reach global stardom. Also on the bill are UK stars such as human beatbox Killa Kella and Garage collective the Firin' Squad.

    Tickets: www.ticketweb.co.uk

    a little off topic but i thought i'd mention it anyway. Boyz II Men played a one off gig at the same place last tuesday, me and my friend were supposed to go but she had to retake one of her uni modules so we couldn't! I was gutted to say the least! :nooo:

  2. I say we have a big forum party/chatroom event when we reach 1000   :ithinkimkanye:

    :drunk: Michelle can handle the older men department. :drunk: Simon and Ben Dover can organise the adult entertainment. :drunk:

    oi cheeky!! i'm gonna get a bad reputation now! :shrug:

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