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  1. Part of me loves the idea of more FPOBA, it's my fave show ever and it was what go me into Will in the first place. However i do agree with most people in that it would have to be AMAZING if was going to come anywhere near to the show which could prove really hard...it wouldn't affect my love for the show but i wouldn't want the masses to look at FPOBA in a negative light if it was rubbish. It's just too big a risk.

  2. Also mtv has a making the movie at 12.30pm, this is less important, its just Will, not me and Michelle lol.

    :rofl: haha, i really can't wait to see it, i felt like such an idiot at the time and thinking that's it might be on tv is just embarassing!!

  3. It was great, completely loved it!!! Went to see it at the first showing at my local cinema with my boyfriend....and he even enjoyed it (which is good because he does not usually share my love for Will lol). Anyway i agree with Julie - don't wanna say too much and give it away, but there's a great twist and overall it's a really enjoyable film.....there was a guy near us that just couldn't stop laughing. Loudly. And the comments i heard as we were walking out were all really good and positive (lol as well as the lorettas saying how 'fit' and 'buff' he looked).

    Hope everyone else has fun seeing it too!!!!!

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