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  1. He didn't do much of Switch, if any, i was screamin like mad i can't even remember, but he did his Beyonce!...everything was great...

    LOL he said that line in an interview on GMTV in the morning and i was like....PUMP ME UP!!!!!!

    OH Yeah and i forgot to say, Biz was there aswell!!!

    P.S Had to edit this post now that i've composed myself!!!
  2. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

    It was absolutely fantastic, got there at about 1ish, was right at the front!!!

    Well here's the story, as i said, i got there at about 1ish, took my mum along...none of my friends could make it.

    Anywayz, LOADS of time passed and at about 6, or maybe just before I noticed Jeff on the stage...i got so hyped and started snapping away, i don't think many people knew him and i felt so sorry for him!!! Then, at about 6.30, the screams started...i leant over the bars and saw him!!!! Big Will in the flesh!! So, naturally i started screaming! he wasn't signing anything but was saying "Hey!" to everyone and then all of a sudden he was there...right in front of me...and he held my hand, i nearly died!!!! It was just so strange!

    Then all the other "celebs" came in.

    Then came the performance, i was so excited i can't even remember all the songs, but everyone was chanting "Summertime" in the audience and it was fantastic!!!

    I'll be able to say more when i've calmed down but it was without a doubt the best day of my entire life!!

    Oh, and Brakes...i think i saw you, but i couldn't really shout over the other side! I think...if it was you...i was diagonally opposite to you, wearing a pink top and black combats!
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