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  1. Bless. I, like Max, came into this late. I can't really give any advice but i will say that i hope it all works out for you. I was in a similar situation in my short time at uni, one girl i really didn't get on with who didn't even know me started being really spiteful for no reason. What I will say is whatever you do don't give up, i did and i've been regretting it ever since. Hope it all works out for ya Ju x

  2. well i dont know about every1 else, but i would have enjoyed another performance of switch over Daniel "snory snore" powter lol.


    agreed. It's been a while since i've seen Switch performed, so i would've quite enjoyed it!

    I don't even know why they bother having it though, they might as well just give it to Westlife and be done with it. :thumbdown:

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