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  1. I think I like it. It's hard because I fall into the trap of wanting Will's new material to sound like classic JJFP, however I have to stop and remind myself how much time has passed since those classic albums. This certainly sounds modern, which I'm not against, it is slowly growing on me :) hearing a studio version would be fab.

  2. Julie, reading your post gave me goosebumps...im still recovering from the whole experience, was great seeing you guys again and meeting fans for the first time. The show itself was insane, so emotional and utterly feels like a dream now I am back to my reality of housework and screaming children lol. Can't say I wasn't gutted that I didn't meet them but I am genuinely pleased for those that did as I know it was a dream come true...and I'll keep hoping my time will come. And hey, as my kids aren't babies any more I hope to see some of you at some Jeff gigs if I can make them. 

  3. oh wow...i know this is a bit of a delayed reaction but i've only just seen this and that is too funny....good on Will for reacting the way he did, i'd be mad if my personal space was invaded like that....when i saw him at the hitch premiere i only had the guts to go for a kiss on the cheek and i'm a girl lol!!

  4. ok, i've finally seen it, and resisted coming on here and a lot of other websits because i didn't wanna know anything about it before i entered the cinema. I never even read any reviews in newspapers etc.

    So, overall, i think it was a good film, it made me feel uncomfortable at times but i consider this to be a good thing as it wasn't what i expected and obviously had an emotional effect on me. I have to say that i did cry at the end, and thought that everyone gave great performances...Rosario Dawson was amazing and Will for me was just unrecognisable.

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