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  1. well da crips is killin ppl everyday but it also gives kids in poverty a chance to have a family but den dey go around killin ppl and sellin crack ****s crazy an da otha hand he kills 4 ppl he still says dat he is innnocent but dat one person was a littl girl and she was hot in da head i beleive he should b punshied but not killed
  2. yea yea ima dude cus we cool in d appl b is in da butt cus ya head in ya face u kool u dont see through my face in ya butt
  3. i was da best i am da best im am da bomb
  4. hey my ppls u ?g in ya feet errbody kool cuws im soo kool ya feet look like butt ima talkt o u in ya face cus i know how to do dis in ya head cus we did it in ya bed imtoo kool cus ya feet is tool and i was dere bustin chops on ur kitchen and slippin
  5. wazzz gud u cant touch maddblock and pena wtf is
  6. oo maddblock is a eveil genius
  7. mad block is back wit a new thing and me and tim are not da same pluss i am way better den ne body on dis site i am da best ur not ready for me i cant wait tio kill tim da first round so erase madblock167 off da tornament because its not letin me back on dta one so putt maddblock on da torney ok and big ups to G scotty,mpena and will is ill(even though i harldy know him)
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