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  1. u dont lose respect for cussin plus mustacheman was da best hands down
  2. dat period joke was corney and it was sexest da rhymes were wack but i go wit julie cus she my homie
  3. both of da verses were trash but i voted johnny 5 cus i like is start
  5. Yea, higha than an angel, or hotta than the devil The pot or kettle, uh The metal let em burn like Ursha 0r worse, uh If deres ne beef I come Ron like Mertz uh Werd up MADISON Block Im throwin my curb up We take your ice cream and turn you into sherbert I got flow Im like "Sure" but if its about dough Im like Sure nuff I'm from the bird bunch, i will eat u pena like for lunch u a chump i take u outside and we can rumble and thump ask about me and tell about me and u will find out buddy dat ya mom is my wifey so gud night B ur not a G stop listen to nas u probably like it da way dem doods do it in OZ
  6. pena come on and do dis man i didnt even wanna go against u i wanted tim but neways ocme on :ShockRifle:
  7. how is that actin immature ur probably 11 yrs old tryin to sound older...wow
  8. brakes its not madblock167 any more its maddblock my man
  9. da best eevr was slick rick and up and coming is cassody and lil wayne
  10. ey get stuff str8 knaye said dat becuase of hurricane katrina and dat was a gigantic tragedy and racism played abig roll in dat one i dont want to g et into dat but i truley believe he didnt say dat to boost his album sells and plus his album came out in october and i think katrina was in november
  11. what da hell did u just say dat made no sense
  12. u aint kill me and tim are u high wtf r u tlkaina bout
  13. plzzz late resgistration was da best it had an all around game it was lebron james and michealjordan he de serves to talk da way he did if u think about how other garbage songs dat just sound good win grammys den think about kanye and gold dogger late registration, da bush ****, bringing out rhymefest,bringing out john legend, helppin common on "be" and Jaime foxx.. man dis guy is way over worked all for da ppl u should give him his plaques!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. ight kanye aint da best but he speaks form his heart nah mean ey kanye mayb be a lil baby but dam after mad ppl played him out y not be cocky i would plus listen to late registration like reealy listen hes not winning hes doin hip hop i like roses and gone those r my favorite and dey tell u whole lot not justd a words da images..... an when i sed he was da best since pac i ment by his train of tought like what he said about bush we say dat eveyrday but not one rapper has ever spoke out since pac knaye aint go all out liukek pac and start thug life but he said sumtin ina cirsis witch should put him up dere with pac........and another rapper who is good lil wayne errbody get back to me on dat one ight 1
  15. pena i aint wack how was dat rhyme wack yall dont kno freestyles come on ppl plus i didnt get blocked out of dawebsite i dont member my password buddy and if nebody wanna battle me let me know i will serve u
  16. plzz u sayin i aint go to skool dats a low blow man plus ia m new to dis howwould i know all dese things and i mostly said hey wen i posted ot da otha forums buddy
  17. miek u tlkain bout me neway i heard bout ur song gil said he was gonna let me hear but i aint here it yet whatg is da name
  18. ight the best is pac he is da pest no doubt see biggie alll he tlkaed sabout was killin and ****in dat is why i dont like 50 dta much but who else is good and dat need to get out of jail is cassidy he is fire he can be big he would kill nebody on a freestlye and his swagger is hott..but dipset cant rap i like dey swagger and dey hood/gang mentalitty its hott but none of dem can rhyme.. also some good lyricsit like common and kanye.... common saYS da best **** like his rhymes can make u go save a Ngga or two..plus kanye u gotta love his loui vatton backpack he is fresh to death always and late registration is da best cd since pacs last cd and i mean dat
  19. "im a mack not a rookie i got a bunch of chips dont touch my bag of cookies" i kan kill u princve wiht one liners i am a threat wait till da dam torney just wait ima b like kobe on a white gurl unstoppable
  20. man u aint nutin i thougth u would say sumthin ur trash get off da website my dude
  21. mfuqua y u tlakin all dis **** u buggin kid and i am hot coffe my dood but i know i aint da best dis aint my job and if u so good y dont u join da turney plus tim is not on my level oo and Game has been around since 2000 dumazz so obviously u heard of him
  22. hey the guy who read everything and can do all dese special things look at dis why did dat guy mfuqa send me dat think i was just tryint o increase my level on dat thing wats da deal y u gotta get all mad and i didint do ne thing bad like curse well neway send me one of dose little messages again
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