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  1. cus u hated us both so u just pick ne one
  2. i cant do dat eveyone hates me thety would vote ur garbage verse
  3. plz i would kill u guys too if i battled u ur garbage
  4. hell yea tim im wit u........ plus i type like that i can simply type regular but i use internet slang its not hard to understand ar all but if u wanna be like that u can idc ne more
  5. they both sucked if i went against them i would kill them
  6. wat r u tlkain about i cant get back into da old one ne more man yo tim dey hate me too
  7. man i would spit some hot **** dat would leave ya ass wit 3rd degreee's
  8. wise werds to some one i would serve man u ppl are messed up y dont u just give props were props is due damn actually i dont have a grudge versues tim ne moreits erbody else everyone is always tlkain with no back up and always sayin my rhymes r wack but theres are so good i dont see it i reele dont forget all of u MADBLOCK
  9. da hustla ask about me---- challenge me
  10. ey dis verseis gonna be weth two den let da ppl decide................... u got nersery rhymes but now ur outta tyme i drop more bombs den bush over bagdad stop tlkain to ya gurl cus a u kno i already bagged dat she a nasty gurl and i know u love her but every nite she love me. wit one snap i can make her touch her knees im crazy wit da flow i got all around game like lebron james i cant be tamed dats if im spittin a verse or makin ur mom werk for chump change tim i told u b4 stop swervin in my lane ur never gonan recieve ne fame brakes killed u now ima burry u cus what i say is liek glue its gonna stay in ya mind like a bad dream u tryin to match my rhyme scheme ur not even ond a team ur far from left bench snitch u behind da bleachers listen to my rhymes i am da damn teacher Mad block is da set f*ckin wit me i leave ya t-sirt sokain wet kool-aid color red dats right u guessed it ur dead ----im done
  11. i serve u for breakfast and eat u for lunch ur da fag outta da bunch i didnt know snitches were renagades drink gatorade u need more stanima suck my d*ck and do it wit mannas keep a stash under da college books i got a new polished look and 20 dime b*tches, to show yall n*ggaz how my 2 dollars look the boiz got at least 6 digits on so the gunz gotta be at least midget long the money, is like 10 bridges long i throw bread around just to turn pigeons on i got some good smoke just for puffas the 2 grand 20's make the hustlaz suffA
  12. igth man u must hate me wit a passion envy is da deadliests in memeber dat forever
  13. i dont tlak trash bout ne one but dis will be my last one
  14. yo tim im da best holla at me mad block all day
  15. ey wuddup dis website cheated da hell out fo me but watever idk ne more im game
  16. i think 50's is a snitch and he needs to stop tlkain all dis stuff ....dre dosent need his weak ass
  17. yo it was short as hell and iw as mad at dat but u cant knock his level of skill on da mic
  18. schnazz verse was horrible............ fresh to deff u killed it my man good job i like da movie refreance
  19. man dats so wack i wanted dem to win da chargers are my team but i wantd a colts to be undefeated
  20. biggie duets da whole damn cd is fire rip -notorious
  21. yo im tellin all of u dat da nba championship is spurs vs. pistons and pistons win it in 7 games im tellin u dats wats gonna happen the nba is lacking its luster deres a bunch of teams dat are just trash
  22. will is ill started off weak and ended with a low blow i think gscotty won dat fair and square
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