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  1. thanx...i've been hearing a lot about this movie...like a couple years back people were already talking about it..i hope it will come out..looks like a interesting movie.
  2. Nas LL Cool J Jay-z Usher Kel Spencer (still waiting 4 his album 2 drop) Neptunes (just 4 a beat..would be dope hearing Will over a neptunes beat)
  3. yeah kinda stupid you aren't going thru... ...well i'm happy cuss i'm going thru... :peace:
  4. :biggrin: man that show is old.....i used 2 watch it after school back in the days.
  5. thanx..geuss who's going 2 the cinema on 28th july :biggrin:
  6. yeah AJ is right...make her make the first move..that's what i did...and look at it..me and my girl are togehter for more then 10 months now...and we still going strong...so let her make the first move man!
  7. yep here's the article.. Jada Pinkett-Smith To Open For Britney Spears In U.K. 03.15.2004 2:52 PM EST It looks like Britney Spears' Onyx Hotel Tour will be taking a wicked turn in April. Wicked Wisdom, a band fronted by Jada Pinkett-Smith, will open for all eight of Spears' U.K. shows, beginning on April 27 in London. The group, which formed about a year ago, frequently plays the Los Angeles club circuit. This will be the band's first major tour. Wicked Wisdom does not yet have an album out, but those who want to check out Pinkett-Smith's vocals can preview some of their music, including video of a live performance, on their Web site. Among the songs available for listening are the angsty, symphonic rock numbers "Taste Your Fruit" and "You Got To" as well as the sassy R&B ballad "Worship Me." Though Pinkett-Smith is launching a music career, she'll be keeping her day job. The actress will next appear in the action thriller "Collateral" with Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx and Mark Ruffalo, due in August. Pinkett-Smith will play an attorney who's on the hit list of a contract killer played by Cruise. For more Hollywood happenings, check out MTV's Movie House. —Kristin Roth soure:MTV.COM
  8. we didn't go 2 a recording studio..we just got a mic and Cool Edit Pro :biggrin: ..
  9. Drum sounds, I’m back on track on the train of life, bouncing like a jumping jack put me next 2 you, I make you look wack yo, this is not a joke nor a test this is war, better get a vest my lyrics make an impact like gun bullets my flow like Nas, representing hip hop 2 the fullest I’m killing ‘em, I line’ em up spit 16 bars when you still gotta put ya mic up got tears in my eyes cus you make me laugh with your childish flow and ya retarded staff I’m harder then a stutterer making a statement I’m so hot when I walk I burn the pavement my raps get ya stigmatised give up, you’ll never get recognized my mind capacity is 20, but yours probably half my size you think you know, but you have no idea you’ll get shot like that dude singing PIMP you act like a player but it’s more like a play-act you playback every track, that’s a fact my rhymes are like magic, they hypnotize you you’re an orange and it’s time 2 liquidize you let’s refurbish the board, take out the trash I’m sicker then your average, that’s why u and me clash every sentence I spit, I got you tongue-tied tonight’s the night that I lyrically kill you in a wordfight I’ll scalp your scalds with a scalpel leave u with the scent of death, crucify you in a chapel no need to smile, cuss I’ll knock your teeth out take a bottle and knock you over the head like puffy and steve stoute fan 4ever, put my name on top, cus you I’m out
  10. can't see the poster.. :dunno:
  11. like the idea..if they made a movie of that i would go and check it out!
  12. Nas Jay-z (yes i love jay-z...and everyone who doesn't like it can kiss my :rbw: ) Fabolous LL Cool J Memphis Bleek (round here baby...love that song) Freeway Snoop and dre (nuthing but a G thang y'all) and way more...
  13. i love those things..i got one 2...my girl bought it 4 my b-day...on front it says "I Love You Kim" and on the back it says.."MK 4-EVAH 10.05.2003"...just letting y'all know :afro:
  14. thanx....i got holla back on cd though...still love it...one of my fav tracks...thanx 4 that don't fight te feeling...dope as hell..thanx
  15. For Valentine i bought her a lil card, a big candy heart..and i made her a cd..wrote 6 songs 4 her...i made a song on the beat of Slow Jamz..you know from Twista and Kanye West...and we made 1 song together where she did the chorus...i putted those songs on a cd...(in total i had 6 songs of my own...on that cd) made here a lil artcover..with pictures of me, and give it 2 her!
  16. this is the direct link 2 final shout outs... [url="http://web.archive.org/web/20030511014633/bbs.sonymusic.com/showpost.pl?Board=smith&Number=35100&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5"]Final Shout Outs[/url]
  17. thanx!! i really hope he's on the soundtrack..and i can't wait 4 the movie 2 drop..the trailer looks dope!
  18. damn..how could i forget about "scream"..that songs makes me wanne party everytime i here it! oh and thanx 4 making me a mod
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