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On 20.9.2017 at 6:45 PM, Lerkot said:

As the eternal bringer of darkness, I think the song is shiet. It sounds a lot like something from one of those "hey we just found some new electronical noise to play around with"-eras. Its very unoriginal (if thats a word). Then again, I'm just a hardcore sucker for sampling nice old soul/funk/jazz and I have a very hard to relate to "club scene" things because it just doesnt work for me. Personally, I would prefer if they renewed old concepts instead of somewhat desperately trying to keep up with changing times... I mean its not like the "times" of today is something to hang onto anyway...

I agree that the song is bad. Let's wait for the next try. :)

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the song might not be brand new funk but it's still way better than that young money/rick ross garbage we hear these days...

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