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thread for posts relating to Jada, the kids, or misc stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere...compressing them b/c they usually don't get lots of responses, just lots of views so in an effort to keep

Jada Pinkett Smith Dines in London After Sound of Change Live Concert http://gossipcenter.com/jada-pinkett-smith/jada-pinkett-smith-dines-london-after-sound-change-live-concert-865143

I don't care for Sheree's relationships nor do I care for Sheree herself. I don't know the woman and I couldn't care less what she's up to. All I'm saying is once you put yourself out to the public yo

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Well,this is really confusing!Jaden trying to make it trend on twitter,Willow,Sheree,Jada didn't say a word and his stepdad wrote how he had great time yesterday,had dinner with friends blah,blah,blah...My cousin had jaw surgery,it's not that simple and recovery process was very,very painful !Anyway,hope he's alright!

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Willow Smith Catches a Flight at LAX with Mom & Dad

Willow Smith walks in between her parents Will and Jada Pinkett Smith as they head into LAX airport to catch a flight out of Los Angeles on Saturday (May 5).

In case you missed it, check out the 11-year-old singer’s recently released video for her song “Do It Like Me (Rockstar)“. Even though the video was just released, it was the first one she ever shot and also features her brother Jaden.

Will‘s new flick Men in Black III hits theaters this summer, but make sure to catch up on the first two films, both of which were just released on Bluray!


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"Willow Smith catches a flight with mom & dad"!!!I thought that the title should been "Will Smith catches a flight with his wife & daughter "LOL.
Btw,they fly to Corea,probably again something about Willow career.Jada is terribly skinny at my opinion.She always been ,thought,but this is gross.
Trey really had a surgery,he's still in the hospital for 10 days already ,poor kid.

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They are flying to Korea for a MIB3 premiere. Trey is no longer in the hospital (his girlfriend is WAY too revealing about their business on her twitter. Somebody needs to tell her to just STFU lol).

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