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From Jada's Facebook:

Don't forget to go to Yahoo to check out Red Table Talk but also don't forget to come here tomorrow to see a very special segment of Red Table Talk for Mother's Day. It's my absolute favorite segment that has not been shared yet. I can't wait to share it with you for Mother's Day. Till then...may love keep each and every one of you safe.


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Jada Pinkett Smith Talks Famous Family, Cannes with IO Donna

She's in the midst of promoting her new movie "Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted" ahead of its June 8th theatrical release date and, as part of her press efforts, Jada Pinkett Smith took over the cover of the latest issue of IO Donna magazine.

The 40-year-old actress showed off her beautiful self in the Cliff Watts shot spread while opening up about her excitement to be heading to Cannes, as well as her famous family including husband Will, daughter Willow and son Jaden.

Highlights from Miss Pinkett Smith's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to IO Donna!

On what Willow and Jaden are busy with right now:
"Jaden is going to Philadelphia with his father for 'After Earth', directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Willow continues to sing. After 'Whip My Hair' and 'Fireball' she has two new albums out and a movie we're producing ourselves. We are actually preparing for her remake of the musical 'Annie'."

On what she's got going in the near future:
"I can not wait to go to Cannes! I've always had great fun at the festival. For the rest I do not know what I will do in the coming months, my schedule does not go further than two weeks ... In this period it was hard to split my time between the project of 'Annie', the work of Will, to my brother Caleb and James Lassiter - our production team - and the family routine. It is a continuous race ... he who hesitates is lost."

On if her kids decide to take a path away from the public eye:
"Sure, they are very young. Willow could one day decide not to have anything to do with the entertainment world. And the same thing could happen to Jaden. At that point, however, both will be able to get what they want."

On rumors that she and Will are having marital issues:
"For us nothing has changed: it is the same life as before. When Will is working on a project, I usually have to take care of the boys, but now he is with Jaden because they star in the same movie, and Willow is with me because I'm the producer of her albums and I follow her into the recording studio. Tonight I leave for Philadelphia, going to see Will and Jaden, kiss them, hug them and then return to Los Angeles."


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