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This song is called Forgiven. It was written in 2003 for Wicked Wisdom. Its an oldie, but goodie.

Music helps me contact feelings, thoughts, and emotions within my most inner self that i find difficult to convey with only dialogue...words.

This is the last of this series but I have enjoyed sharing myself with you in this way.
Thank you for listening and being a part if this experience with me.

There is more to come.

Till then...may love keep you safe.


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Posted on Jada's Facebook:

I was in Oakland today and met with the DA, Nancy O’Malley, the Deputy DA, Sharmin Bock and their team. We met for several hours were I was fully informed about the sex trafficking occurring in the area. Sharmin and Ersie Joyner (Oakland Police Captain) then took me for a ride through an are called the TRACK where I got to see with my own eyes very young girls working the corners with their pimp...s across the street who communicated with them through cell phones. At a later date I will get more in depth about the various mechanisms of human exploitation and trafficking in our country. For now, get in the know about H.E.A.T. watch, which is a program in which the D.A.’s office in Alameda County put into affect in the year 2005. This particular program has been recognized nationally as an innovative solution to combatting human exploitation and trafficking on US soil.
Get in the know; Violence Against Women Act was passed today (GOOGLE IT)


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