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  1. Soobzilla

    diddy's new video

    its wierd, not sure whether to think of it as a compliment or a cheap rip of Will's vid
  2. Soobzilla

    diddy's new video

    has anyone noticed the start of the video is just like partystarter? or is it just me?
  3. Soobzilla

    Hey Sexy Lady Remix

    cheers for the info guys - v. helpful! hopefully i can get it :)
  4. Soobzilla

    Hey Sexy Lady Remix

    hey guys, i found a website saying Will was on a remix for Hey Sexy Lady by Shaggy, some lyrics sites even have the words from his verse, but i cant seem to find the song. does anyone know about this, or where i can get hold of this track? cheers soobz
  5. Soobzilla

    Vote for the G.O.A.T.

    Voted!! Glad to see will smith get the recognition he deserves for once!
  6. Soobzilla

    R. Kelly-Remix City Vol. 1

    i loved trapped in the closet, it was really cheesy at times, lyrically, but genius musically, we need more music like this at the mo'
  7. it depends on who's saying Will Smith, usually i think of the rapper...but considering most people where i live dont care for his music career, i know they're only gonnna ask about the actor! lol. but i think of him first as a rapper!
  8. Soobzilla

    "African Concert" in UK

    great news to hear will playing live again in the uk, i keep missing it weneva he is here! p.s. i went to the anger management tour last year with fifty and em (xzibit stole the show)....it was great live, y you all hatin? admittedly his raps aren't amazing...but i really like most of his songs, they r fun and great in a club!
  9. Soobzilla

    Born to Reign Not that Bad

    i love most of the album...but for me...after so many years, give me tonite still kills it!
  10. Soobzilla

    request the chosen one

    personally, i think it is silly not to put a rare song like chosen one on for most people...because ultimately, this song is not available to buy. i know you guys dont wanna spread songs because that helps piracy....and detracts from sales but this is not detracting from any sales
  11. Soobzilla

    50 Cent Outta Control Remix with Will Smith

    Man, i am loving this remix...i loved 50's version, but to hear big willie ova this beat is wicked!!!! i agree with you hero1, this would create mad hype in other boards!!!
  12. Soobzilla

    DJ Dippa - bhangra remix

    Damn, i was too late. any chance of getting this back up?
  13. Soobzilla

    So Fresh b/w Shake It Off

    Great stuff...is there any way to get this without signing up to soundclick...or is this the only way?
  14. Soobzilla


    what is the digital booklet? does anyone know? and thanx for tha news
  15. Soobzilla

    This weeks sales as usual

    i was influenced by Wills music to buy those particular CD's of LL, Dre and Busta. Will and Dr Dre are on completely different ends of the rap spectrum but i like them both. that was the point, will's easy going music got me into the rap thing (back in the 90's when i 5/6yrs, i didnt start buying CD's till i got a job much later-10yrs- so i got into other rap a lot later), from here my interest grew, and slowly i began listening to other mor intellectual artist, aswell as commercial abou 50 only rapping bout the same thing is the reason why i didn't buy his new album, even though i liked the singles, its all the same. however, he isnt trying to rap about something he isn't, he has glorified it but it isnt lies like other rappers