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    Ale got a reaction from gosia in HBO Max Preps ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ Unscripted Reunion Special   
    Great interview with Jeff!!
    Interesting to hear him talk about how he learned about 'FPOBA' and how he got involved in the show.
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    Ale reacted to MaxFly in Will Smith & Joyner Lucas - Will (Remix)   
    I've spent an inordinate amount of time watching reaction videos on YouTube.
    Always starts off with "Ok Will Smith..."
    Quickly followed by "Okay, Will Smith!"
    Always ends with "Okaaaaaaay, Will Smith!!!!!! Bars!!! Facts!!! He snapped!!!"
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    Ale reacted to gosia in Movement on Bad Boys III   
    all I'm going to say is
    Welcome back Will!
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    Ale reacted to fan 4ever in A decade of music   
    Since the decade is almost over I thought it would be a great idea to list all the songs Will did in the last 10 years. Just to get an overview of the of the music he did. I'll try to start this list. Keep in mind we're talking about the music he released from 2010 until 2020. If I missed something you guys can always add more. 
    Fiesta (Remix) - Bomba Estéreo & Will Smith
    Get Lit - Will Smith
    Icon(Reggaeton Remix) - Jaden Smith featuring Nicky Jam & Will Smith
    Live It Up - Nicky Jam featuring Era Istrefi & Will Smith
    Está Rico - Marc Anthony featuring Bad Bunny & Will Smith
    Don't Be Afraid to Be Different - Logic featuring Will Smith
    Arabian Nights - Will Smith
    Friend Like Me - Will Smith
    Prince Ali - Will Smith
    Friend Like Me (End Title) - Will Smith featuring DJ Khaled
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    Ale reacted to ant1 in JJFP's 1992 'Nintendo Power' Interview   
    Awesome read! i got the image of Will in my head sitting on the floor playing nes from FPOBA lol
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    Ale reacted to fan 4ever in The Council - New Netflix movie   
    Will Smith To Star As Crime Boss Nicky Barnes In Netflix Film ‘The Council’
    Will Smith will take on the role of New York City crime boss Nicky Barnes in his next Netflix film The Council. The project will re-team Smith with Concussion helmer Peter Landesman, who wrote the screenplay for the new film and will executive produce. Smith and partner James Lassiter are producing the pic for Westbrook Inc.’s Overbrook Entertainment along with Jackson Pictures’ Matt Jackson and Jason Essex for Anonymous Nobodies.
    Landesman’s script tells the never-before-told story of a crime syndicate consisting of seven African-American men who ruled Harlem in the 1970s and early ’80s. No ordinary crime syndicate – the men dreamed of a self-sufficient and self-policing African American city-state, funded by revolutionizing the drug game. The movie centers on the Shakespearean court intrigue between The Council’s king, Nicky Barnes, dubbed “Mr. Untouchable” by the New York Times, and all the different members as one unlikely rising protégé emerges.
    Barnes, born Leroy Nicholas Barnes, was active during the 1970s leading an international drug trafficking ring, in partnership with the Italian-American mafia. He was arrested in 1978 and sentenced to life imprisonment, eventually becoming a federal informant, which led to the demise of The Council. Barnes died from cancer in 2012, however, his death was recently made known due to him being under witness protection.
    Landesman will serve as an executive producer with Jackson Pictures’ Joanne Lee and David Lee from Anonymous Nobodies.
    Smith, most recently seen on the big screen as Genie in Disney’s live-action Aladdin remake, has Fox’s Spies in Disguise animation, the Ang Lee-directed Gemini Man at Paramount, and Sony’s Bad Boys For Life sequel upcoming.
    Ryan Goodell of Morris Yorn negotiated on behalf of Essex, while CAA and Andrew Galker from Jackoway Austen negotiated on behalf of Landesman.
    Overbrook is repped by CAA and Sloan, Offer. Jackson Pictures is with CAA and Manatt, Phelps & Phillips.
    Source: https://deadline.com/2019/09/will-smith-nicky-barnes-netflix-the-council-1202743073/
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    Ale reacted to Schnazz in JJ&FP Rehearsing From The South for the 2017 Concert   
    Will just posted this, a rehearsal for their 2017 concert.  Excellent.
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    Ale reacted to DevilsJim89 in JJ+FP - LIVE 8 - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD RELEASED!   
    I was actually there. There was so many people - it was insane! 
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    Ale reacted to JumpinJack AJ in 'GETTIN' JIGGY WIT IT' SO SO DEF REMIX w/ JERMAINE DUPRI, CAM'RON, R.O.C., + BIG PUN   
    Most of us know about this elusive remix.  It popped up on a few mixtapes (on actual cassettes) back in 1997/1998. It often had the mixtape host screaming over it. It was never released, not even on a proper promotional CD, cassette, or 12".  However, nearly 10 years ago, it was briefly available on Amazon digitally. I'm not sure about other digital platforms. The remix then disappeared.  Since FP didn't have music coming out, I haven't been looking for it. However, I just noticed that it's back. For those of you who didn't get to buy/download it, and for those that are new to this remix, here it is. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073J35F29/ref=dm_ws_sp_ps_dp
    Interestingly, the So So Def remix that was released on singles overseas was much smoother and featured LaTocha from Xscape on the hook. Here's a version of it that a DJ tweaked.
    The strange thing about the credits for this remix is that is says there's a rap performed by R.O.C. and that Lord Tariq + Peter Gunz provided additional vocals. Perhaps there's another version of it featuring R.O.C. (one of the dopest late 90's/early 00's emcees who never had his label released) and LT+PG on the hook.
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    Ale reacted to JumpinJack AJ in JJ+FP - LIVE 8 - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD RELEASED!   
    Remember when JJ+FP performed "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It", "Switch" and "Yo Home To Bel-Air/FPOBA theme" at Live 8 in 2005? The event was huge and featured performances from dozens of other artists.  Well, they just recently released the audio.  You can check it out here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07SG79DTZ/ref=dm_ws_sp_ps_dp
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    Ale got a reaction from JumpinJack AJ in What Are You Listening To? XXII   
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    Ale reacted to MaxFly in 'Aladdin' - Will as Genie   
    I know people have been looking for new music from Will. Well, we have some... 
    Friend Like Me:
    Arabian Nights: 
    Prince Ali: 
    Friend Like Me (End Title): 
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    Ale reacted to bigted in Easter 2019   
    I know that the forum isn't really popping much these days but almost every morning I come on here praying for some jjfp news and on this Easter weekend 2019 I'm playing homebase among other classics dreaming of the return of the essence of hip hop well I'm gonna get off the soapbox with this rant to whoever reads this post thanks for taking your time out to debate the state of the game over the years and prayers for a resurrection of the music industry on resurrection weekend 2019 blessings jjfp fam
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    Ale got a reaction from Hero1 in First ever look at Nightmare on my street video!   
    I've just found out that the name of the uploader, Nancy Thompson, is the name of the fictional character in the 'Nightmare On Elm Street' franchise (originally played by actress Heather Langenkamp).
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    Ale reacted to Da Brakes in Movement on Bad Boys III   
    Looks like its happening!!
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    Ale reacted to Nancy Thompson in First ever look at Nightmare on my street video!   
    Happy halloween!  Here's the whole video:
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    Ale reacted to fan 4ever in First ever look at Nightmare on my street video!   
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    Ale reacted to Da Brakes in Fresh Rhymes From Will   
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