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  1. VIsqo


    It good that they have stayed Potnas after all these years
  2. VIsqo

    DJ Jazzy Jeff & Z-Trip "What's In My Bag?"

    Lol thanks for bringing this man!
  3. VIsqo

    The planet raps back

    Its new for me too, thanks for bringing it
  4. VIsqo

    I Got Engaged

    Congratulations dude!! to both of u.
  5. VIsqo

    Melodic Chaotic - Summer Fling

    Nice song, she sounds too much like Rihanna though
  6. VIsqo

    Rank & Grade Will's movies!

    Independence day - 9/10 Hitch - 8/10 Enemy of the state - 8/10 Bad boys 2 - 7/10 I robot - 6/10
  7. VIsqo

    Summertime 4

    Im listening to this right now!
  8. VIsqo

    Summertime 'The Mixtape' Vol 4

    Gonna be checking this out most def
  9. VIsqo

    Summertime nola bounce remix

    I like it, thanks for brining it
  10. VIsqo

    After Earth

    Thanks a lot Ale it was awesome!
  11. I wish him the best of the lucks
  12. Lol, very good, the whole show was excellent!
  13. VIsqo

    Will Smith and Kanye West track

    Welcome back Bigted!
  14. VIsqo

    Our reviews of After Earth

    I wanted him to do good with this movie, it seems to have a good message, and Will did a lot of effort promoting this. I can agree maybe I want him in bad boys, hitch or enemy of the state kind of movies, but whatever he does, if its good for the fans/world, He has got my support.
  15. VIsqo

    How to fix Will Smith's career

    I dont think of it as a Mistake. Will probably would not have been a good Neo. Who knows if he would have been a good Django? things like these "what if" have to be taken both sides knowing that there are reasons that we dont really know for why things happen the way they do..
  16. VIsqo


    Well, she is not Will..
  17. VIsqo

    Will Smith and Kanye West track

    I really dont want his return back to music to be with douchebag-illuminaty-skirtwearing Kanye. I dont like at all none of his new music. Cant really find a song I can dig out of his 2 last albums, at least..
  18. VIsqo

    How to fix Will Smith's career

    I can agree with some things in the article, and others are just plain hateful and trying to be funny but not achieving it. Really wish I didnt lose my time reading it all.
  19. VIsqo

    After Earth Box Office

    Lol, Indeed.
  20. VIsqo

    After Earth Box Office

    It has been more about people hating on Night and people hating on the fact tha Will is trying to promote his son, than about how good or bad the movie really is. And is a shame, really, because they worked very hard on this. Anyways, I agree with AJ, I liked the way he handled those questions. Julie, lets hope he DOES start working a little more on his career.
  21. VIsqo

    After Earth

    Thats the best way to confront the press about the movie tanking. Taking it on the humorous side. Well done Will. Now lets get that Bad Boys 3!
  22. VIsqo

    After Earth

    That was absolutely hilarious! Im so glad to be a fan of Will smith, he is amazing.
  23. VIsqo

    After Earth

    Awesome, I wont miss it. Burn notice, NBA finals and now this! its gonna be a great night on tv