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  1. VIsqo

    "Pursuit of Happyness"

    I want it to get to santo domingo already so that i can see it.
  2. VIsqo


    I think he should do a song for one of his new 2 movies, it would be great. but for this one, i dont think so.
  3. VIsqo

    Just Cruisin'

    Its a great and relaxing song!
  4. VIsqo

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry xmas and a happy new year to u all!
  5. VIsqo

    No new music anytime soon...

    I wish he would at least try to promote some of them songs he didnt promote like tell me why, or coming to the stage
  6. VIsqo

    Final Box Office Numbers for TPOH

    Thats pretty good for a low budget film.
  7. VIsqo

    Tell Me Why

    One of the greatest videos ever, lets try to contact Will to see if he is interested to use it with his own production company maybe and put it on air giving u the credits $ or whatever cause u deserve it. Thank u for putting it back.
  8. VIsqo

    Tell Me Why

    Awww, it still doesnt works.
  9. VIsqo

    Will on Leno

    A great video definitely
  10. VIsqo

    The Lost Will Tapes

    coming to the stage really rocks
  11. VIsqo

    What is Will's Best RAP track ever!?

    I Wish I Made That/Swagga
  12. VIsqo

    Will Smith, As Your Best Friend ?

    I would have will as a best friend, yep.
  13. VIsqo

    Will's State in Rap

    I hope he makes a new cd quick, maybe for one of his next movies
  14. VIsqo

    Creating Will Videos

    I think that it is an incredible contribution and that if i knew how to id make a lot of them videos to contribute.
  15. VIsqo

    Tell Me Why

    I cant see the video on you tube, it just keeps loading for ever, could you please check out whats happenign there?
  16. VIsqo

    Lost and found

    I think it is the most deep Will Smith Cd yet, and I think that he sould have had taken care of it personally when the company didnt. Maybe it would have been one of the top selling cds ever in rap music, maybe even targeting another kind of listeners.
  17. Another article in Gregs Previews but this time about I AM LEGEND: Greg's Preview Thoughts: Sort: By Most Recent | Chronologically 12/19/06 - One has to admire the versatility of Will Smith's career, weaving in and out of rap music, his time in the TV sit-com world, and when he emerged as a movie star, he managed to effectively do well in both comedies, dramas and big-budget science fiction movies like 'Independence Day', 'Men in Black' and (less so, but still notably) I, Robot. Choosing his projects carefully, and yet still managing to keep making movies on a regular basis, Smith has accrued a track record at the box office few other stars come close to consistently matching (only Tom Cruise has had more movies open to over $20 million). One might have guessed that his quiet little drama about a struggling father, The Pursuit of Happyness would break his streak a bit, opening in the midst of the extremely competitive holiday season, and yet Will Smith once again was the moviegoing audience's top choice, opening to an amazing (given the subject matter) $26.5 million. For his next two projects, however, Smith is returning to his comfort spot of big budget action movies, with this adaptation of the novel that arguably started the entire genre of "zombie movies" (even though they are specifically vampires in this story, not zombies) and after this, the superhero drama, Tonight He Comes. Will Smith is likeable, endearing and an adaptive cypher who is able to step into a variety of different science fiction stories and give it a unique imprint that no other star possesses. In the past, I may have criticized Will Smith for some of his more predictable stances (especially his tendency to say "Ah, hell no", or something similar), but you know, time heals many wounds, and now, looking back, I kind of like that particular little touch he brings to situations. Will Smith without "Ah, hell no" would be like Keanu Reeves without a "Whoa", Clint Eastwood without a grimace, Jack Nicholson without a grin. And so, it's Will Smith who steps into the role of the last man on Earth, the Omega man, you might say, which might have at one time have gone to (shudder) Arnold Schwarzenegger. The difference between what Schwarzenegger would have done with the role, and the levity and humanity that Smith is likely to, well, let's just say, I'll take the "Ah hell no" (or whatever Will Smith ends up saying memorably in this one) over "I'll be back" as a memorable catchphrase. :)
  18. Theres a nice article in yahoo movies right here: http://movies.yahoo.com/mv/upcoming/;_ylt=...daDPFpjbD1fVXcA