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  1. VIsqo added a post in a topic: HI GUYS!   

    Glad to have u back, check out Will's new song
  2. VIsqo added a post in a topic: Bomba Estéreo, Will Smith - Fiesta (Remix)[Cover Audio]   

    Hey people, its been a while, but couldn't help to pass by after hearing this song on facebook. I like it. Its never gonna be one of my favorites, but im excited to see what else he might bring. This may be good in the clubs definitely, I hope he has a good acceptance with it.
  3. VIsqo added a post in a topic: Focus: released March 2015   

    thats uncool
  4. VIsqo added a post in a topic: Some Fresh Prince song adaptions I made   

    lol really funny, thanx for sharing
  5. VIsqo added a post in a topic: 2014 Grammy Thread   

    The awards are pretty good but I dont agree with Daft punk winning soo many awards and Macklemore also getting rap album of the year
  6. VIsqo added a post in a topic: DRAY (DAS EFX) SAMPLES WILL SMITH INTERVIEW FOR NEW SONG   

    Nice! been a long time since I heard from him
  7. VIsqo added a post in a topic: My interview requests to Will Smith   

    Lol, very nice! good luck man
  8. VIsqo added a post in a topic: RIP Nelson Mandela   

    Rest in peace. Great influence for the world
  9. VIsqo added a post in a topic: Will & Jada Divorce Rumours   

    very very weird..
  10. VIsqo added a post in a topic: Kelsey Grammer & Martin Lawrence FX Sitcom   

    Welcome man, yeah, Im definitely looking forward to this
  11. VIsqo added a post in a topic: Fresh Prince Sign at Eagles game   

    LOL, thats so cool
  12. VIsqo added a post in a topic: CENTRIC WANTS JAMIE FOXX IN BAD BOYS 3   

    It could work out fine
  13. VIsqo added a post in a topic: Jada/Fam/Misc   

    Trey mom look good too, but all of the other look outrageous lol
  14. VIsqo added a post in a topic: Hero1 - Happiness   

    nice man, thx for sharing

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