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  1. Follow Will on Instagram!

    hahaha, man Will is hilarious with that camera
  2. Jada/Fam/Misc

    He really likes Australia now
  3. Well Will just confirmed it on the video
  4. I agree with Big ted. BTW dope playlist thanks for bringing it.
  5. I finally got to meet Will!

    Man that is awesome and I love your license plate
  6. Yesterday I wrote a message to what I think is his new Facebook page and obtained a response. Immediately I told him to pass by around here to see what his realest fans are wanting to see from him. I obtained an answer.
  7. I think this could be a great idea as it could also be a total disaster. I am always open to seeing things work out.
  8. 'Bright'

    I think the movie just introduced a full universe way too fast. Movies like The lord of the rings or Harry potter take time getting us into their comprehensive universe and characters, but there was so much going on that they were not able to formally explain these things during the movie so they slowly tried to fit everything in. This would have worked so much better with a prequel 8 episode Netflix show and then do this movie after. Weird movie but Still very entertaining, the chemistry was there and Will on Comedy/Action combo was on point.
  9. 'Bright'

    I try to see movies for what they are. I was watching "jingle all the way" with my wife last night and we laughed and had fun, we did not expect a full action thriller or amazing dramatic performances, we were watching a Christmas family comedy with a message and we enjoyed it as it.
  10. 'Bright'

    The people have spoken. I think the critics are just trying to boycott Will and his movies. There is nothing 33% about this fun, action packed movie. They slammed Concussion as well when it was such a brilliant performance and collateral beauty was not a masterpiece but for what it intended to do and it's amazing cast, it was not bad at all.
  11. 'Bright'

    The movie was weird but fun, some great action scenes and comedy. I put no attention to the critics this is 90% by the public and 33% by critics on rotten tomatoes. F them critics, I watch movies to have fun and this one was right on point
  12. 'Bright'

    I watch them anyways then I make my own decisions
  13. 'Bright'

    Reviewers spoke badly about concussion and his last movie too. They have been boycotting Will since he spoke against Trump as are some fans too. My nurse said she will never go watch a WS movie again simply out of spite for that.
  14. Big Ted's Favorite Music Of 2017

    Very nice song, I'm definitely getting it
  15. 'Bright'

    Yes, thanks for bringing them. My favorite time is when he is out on tour promoting the movies.