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  1. Sandy

    Merry Christmas!

    Hey Guys I wish you ALL a very very very Merry Christmas!! Have a nice day with your families and friends...and hope you get lots of presents too :wiggle: don't eat or drink too much 'coz tomorrow you'll regret it lol. ¡¡¡¡FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!
  2. Sandy


    Justin Bieber's Birthday Drama Was Caused By Jaden Smith! http://perezhilton.com/2013-03-02-justin-bieber-birthday-party-drama-caused-by-jaden-smith/#comments What were Will & Jada thinking? They let their 14 years old son going to a night club?
  3. He's in Madrid today and I can't go :-(
  4. Sandy

    To the Spanish Fans!

    That's great!! I have to see if I can go. Is there more info about the place and time? Thanks for sharing ;-)
  5. how sad. I found about his death when I saw Jada's pic on instagram. R.I.P
  6. Sandy

    What do you think of MIB3?

    I did like the movie for me it's way better than the 2nd one. It's not Will's best movie but not bad either. Ale, did you like MIB2 more than this one?
  7. Sandy

    Men in Black 3

    I need to go to bed and here I am watching the premiere :-) Diane Lane is gorgeous and Tommy is hard to interview
  8. Sandy

    Men in Black 3

    pablo trying to rap "back in time" and Will with the Men in Black song. Loved it!
  9. Sandy

    Will Smith Slaps Reporter

    The reporter deserved it. I would do the same. I love how fast Will's reaction was lol
  10. Sandy

    Men in Black 3

    very cool premiere.
  11. Sandy

    Men in Black 3

    Thanks Ale for all the news, interviews, etc..you're the best! The movie is just days away, I can't wait Someone asked about a Spanish premiere for the movie. Maybe is already been posted here but just in case: EVENTOS 13/05/2012 PREMIERE MEN IN BLACK III en 3D Domingo 13 de mayo después de la Final MUTUA MADRID OPEN en la caja Mágica, premiere de MEN IN BLACK III con la asistencia de Will Smith. I don't know why they're doing it in La Caja Mágica. Callao now is much better for events like this and easier for me to get there ;-)
  12. Sandy

    Men in Black 3

    Cool. I'm gonna try to see the movie at Kinepolis :-) Remember when we said that waiting for more than 2 years for a new Will's movie was too much time?? Now it's only 2 months away!! Time flies.
  13. Sandy

    After Earth

    Thanks Ale! The movie looks interesting but I'm not a big fan of the director so I don't know what to expect. I may love it of hate it.
  14. Sandy

    After Earth

    i'm so lost with Will's news lately that I don't have very clear what this movie is about I was shocked when I saw jaden's pictures. He's grown so much since last time I saw him
  15. Love the promos :-) This man doesn't age. In the promos he looks like in BB2...10 years ago.
  16. Great news! can't wait to see it ;-)
  17. Sandy

    Men in Black 3

    My fav part of the trailer lol.
  18. Sandy


    I was starting to think Will was missing. NIce family. How cute Willow is. This is the 1st time or maybe 2nd I like what she's wearing lol
  19. Sandy

    HAPPY 2011!

    HAPPY 2011 gUYS!!!!!
  20. Sandy

    Men in Black 3

    Getting ready to put the black suit back on! from Will's Facebook.
  21. Sandy

    Willow Smith : Whip My Hair

    Oleeee I'm gonna end up being fan of a 10 years old girl but after seeing her 1st live performance I think she's gonna get better and better. I'd love to see a duet with her dad in her album.
  22. Sandy


    the first things I see looking at these pictures are Will's and Willow's ears lol
  23. Sandy


    Yes, but I'm more interested in see him acting and doing music than in his kids acting and doing music ;-) In those pictures he looks too thin. Who's the girl with the blue t-shirt?