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  1. Merry Christmas 2015 JJFP Fam!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  2. What Are You Listening To? XXII

    PETE ROCK, DR. DRE, + KURUPT - Freestyle Pharmacy Beats 1 (2015) THIS IS DOPE!!
  3. ksmith

    I'm only four minutes into this and that song is crap. Why does he rap in a high pitch, weak voice, and then speak in a natural, deep voice?  I can't take this dude seriously. Not sure if I'll peep the rest.
  4. I have this on VHS at my parents' house. I watched and taped this the night it aired!
  5. What Are You Listening To? XXII

    BEASTIE BOYS - Body Movin' Hello Nasty (1998)  

    I wish he'd do more interviews like this where he's just unguarded and not rehearsed...just talking about common topics that get overlooked.

    Will Smith is definitely a cool dad, but even cool dads question their children’s choices sometimes. That was the case for Will when his son Jaden decided to wear a Batman costume to prom. In an interview with GQ Magazine, the actor spoke about his son’s infamous outfit, the same one that he wore to the Kimye wedding. He told the mag, “The night before we get an emergency call from [his date’s] father: ‘My daughter has just found out that Jaden is wearing a Batman suit to the prom.’ So we talked to Jaden, and he agreed to wear a tie with the Batman suit. So, I blame his mother.” Check out the candid interview above.
  8. What Are You Listening To? XXII

    ERYKAH BADU feat. ANDRE 3000 - Hello You Caint Use My Phone (2015) http://www.audiomack.com/song/2dbz/hello This JUST dropped now.  I gotta be real, I much rather have an entire album by Andre and Erykah than I would Andre and Big Boi right now.
  9. That article has a nice excitement to it, but is sounds like it was written by someone in middle school who did a bunch of research right before writing it.
  10. What Are You Listening To? XXII

    Whoa, whoa, WHOA!  Give this guy a listen!! J. MONTY ...I suppose this is a mix of a few songs off his album Second Born (2015)  
  11. Need SummerTime Acapella for a Remix

    I admire that you are still looking.  I have a feeling it'll never be properly released.
  12. I love the set and pyro. The dancers were on point.  Admittedly, the lead singer isn't that easy to listen. Her voice is much more suited for the studio. It was a good performance overall, but I'm looking forward to him performing his own stuff.
  13. Thanks for sharing this.  It's been a long time since I've watched the video, but like you, I'd never seen behind-the-scenes footage.
  14. I can't wait to see him rip it live.  At the same time, the buzz behind the song has really died down.
  15. THIS IS DOPE!  I love that it's up for download too!! I agree that this is from 1989. FP's presence and flow fits right in with And In This Corner.... I love that their interaction is more like what you'd hear from the first two albums though with some of the previous DJ routines.  Seeing this post is an awesome way to wake up.