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  1. JumpinJack AJ added a post in a topic: What Are You Listening To? XXII   

    Ahhhh, Rest in peace, Apache.  I always loved the production of this.
    MADONNA - Beautiful Scars
    Rebel Heart (2015)
  2. JumpinJack AJ added a post in a topic: PLAYLIST: THE VERY BEST OF DJ JAZZY JEFF + THE FRESH PRINCE   

    If that's it, I'm not surprised, but let's acknowledge that is this the first time EVER that the Live At Nassau Coliseum is being released on CD.  Previously it was only every available on the vinyl single, coupled with "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble" (1988 Remix).  Plus, the TLAC Remix of "Lovely Daze was only available on non-US CD singles.  With the buzz of FP recording new music, it's good that this is coming out and will be in places like Walmart.
  3. JumpinJack AJ added a post in a topic: What Are You Listening To? XXII   

    ED SHEERAN - The Man
    X (2014)
  4. JumpinJack AJ added a post in a topic: PLAYLIST: THE VERY BEST OF DJ JAZZY JEFF + THE FRESH PRINCE   

    As long time fans, it's not too likely we'll see pictures we haven't seen before, but it'll likely have an insert with additional photos in it.
    I'm not sure if this is correct, as I found it on Oldies.com, where it says the album was released in January (which it wasn't).  Based on the title, it sounds like they are referring to the previous greatest hits compilation.
    "All the charting singles, The Very Best of DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince contains just about everything that any disc jockey played by the duo, including lighthearted smart-ass favorites like "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble" and "Parents Just Don't Understand," silly topical fluff like "A Nightmare on My Street" and "I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson," surprisingly durable minor hits like "Brand New Funk" and "The Things U Do," and even Jazzy Jeff's nimble instrumental flipping of tracks by Bob James, the Mizell Brothers, and Marvin Gaye ("A Touch of Jazz"). One significant track that doesn't appear is "You Saw My Blinker," a rare example of cranky bitterness from the otherwise wisecracking, punchline-delivering Fresh Prince."
  5. JumpinJack AJ added a post in a topic: Vinyl Destination - General Thread   

    I was thinking the same thing.  This was the perfect event to kick off the new season.  I wish it were an hour and a half long.
  6. JumpinJack AJ added a post in a topic: New MC Hammer video "Don't Go", DEEP!   

    The Family Affair album was only released on his website back in 1998.  I love the album, though it's a true Hip-Hop/Gospel album in the sense that he isn't rhyming on every song.  Sometimes I just wanna hear the Hip-Hop songs on it.  I a dubbed copy that was advertised as the real thing, so I'm hoping to find an affordable REAL copy some day.  A handful of these songs were on his Too Tight album he did with 2Pac and Deathrow.  He re-wrote some of them and tweaked the production some on the tracks that moved to this album.

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