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    LL Cool J

    I'd give Jay the advantage in this one...yes "The Ripper Strikes Back" was ridiculous....but Jay has been on point more and more every year with his energy on aggressive tracks...whether it be "Dig A Hole", "Brooklyn High", "Hustlin' Remix", "Watch What You Say"....Jay is definitely is ready to deliver if he so chooses. But the thing is, Jay won't. LL is gonna do the 50 cent thing and start the feud to build hype...and he already took some shots and Jay is just hovering over it...... And LL has ALOT to prove to me to keep his name relevant today in terms of aggressive MC's
  2. it's a completely different artist in my opinion... there's a definite southern feel still on it, which is not my favorite thing, but his intelligence really takes over i hated his last album too...
  3. that was the only slight at kanye...he's done it before where he's made one song and then recycle the lyrics... that song was about going off to war as a troop... there's another song he did the same with...on his january 2006 mixtape he did a verse over an old school beat by clinton sparks and featured with busta rhymes.... and the same lyrics he used later for Rhymefest's "Brand New"
  4. Bob

    New Jay Z Album Nov 6th?

    It's the right move for him...in many ways it's what the Black Album was going to be before he made dirt off your shoulder and change clothes... kingdom come was awesome and yes it was sophisticated...but this should resonate...as long as jay doesn't get pop-single happy again... WOW NAS AND JAY-Z RELEASING ALBUMS AT THE SAME TIME AGAIN ONLY A YEAR LATER!!!!! WOOOO...Nas said his new album should be in stores in december...and his greatest hits will be out soon with two new tracks...one with C-Lo from the Rush Hour 3 soundtrack...
  5. Bob

    New Will.I.Am Album

    I can see this album being in the same vain as Pharrell's last one...very experimental
  6. Bob

    New Jay Z Album Nov 6th?

    I read the title of the album is "Boss Hova" as of now...allhiphop.com is reporting this..HAHAHAH but xxlmag.com is quoted saying: "Sorry allsh*tstop, it ain’t called Boss Hova. It’s called American Gangster. Inspired somewhat by the movie of the same name, but it’s a full studio album, no soundtrack" I don't think xxlmag.com is anywhere near as good as allhiphop.com though.. But november 6? I heard nothing on the date everyone is saying he's got a blueprint sound to it though...sweeeet
  7. Bob

    audio forum

    Ha, 100 is a good number. I remember my philosophy was I NEED AUDIO TRACKS...and then I actually got to hear the views here and be a part of the conversation...so the audio almost becomes an afterthought.
  8. Yep the american dream is acting like a jerk to everyone you know, especially guys like Nas, Master P, and Jay-Z...you know...the guys that gave him his first tours, while marketing your act, a sexual and violent act, toward the 11 to 14 year old girl demographic. Oh and don't forget the macho-anti-women sentiments. Remember, women are just objects in Americans' eyes.... Please, the guy is the classic jerk who will step on anyone and everyone just to satisfy his own greed... That's not American...we're competitive...but there's a line.
  9. Hm.. Idk man...I heard this back in June (early advance) and I was very disappointed that only one song(?) was without a special guest. Yes it's definitely strides ahead of his last album...where the beats were whack and rhymes were lazy. The Akon song just feels like the same thing Akon's known to do. "Return of the Hustle" was the beat Jay passed up on for Dig-a-Hole...I'm not too crazy about it. I can't stand Timbaland so the second "Make me better" came on, I cringed. Diamonds is annoying...Gangsta Don't Play is Fabolous trying to follow up Game's hit "It's Okay"....First Time was repetitive...Brooklyn was basically a remake of the bonus track Fab was on for Notorious B.I.G. Duets...Jokes on You is ok....What Should I do is awesome if unoriginal and Loso's way (pun intended lol) to copy Ludacris with the last track being a story about someone going through a struggle....I'm the Man is meh...Baby Don't Go is really enjoyable if not for the kiddish bells...and Dupri could shut up...but I do enjoy that song. Don't get me wrong...Fab's flow was nice....lyrically he didn't seem lazy unlike his last effort...so I did enjoy this for a little bit. I'd give it a **1/2 for being a straight radio-single filled CD.
  10. Yes he sold 660k...but he also put in more marketing than ever. 6 singles before the album releases? The amount of publicity and advertising dollars he and Interscope put in? The thing is, no company is going to agree to put the same amount of PR dollars in for a guy who didn't hit ridiculous numbers associated with ridiculous advertising. If he had put in the amount of PR work with Interscope as he did on the Massacre and still sold 660k, then yes Interscope would still be all over him...but these numbers don't make up for the effort the label put forward. And they'll remember that. The funniest thing I must say though...50 attacks Def Jam for their practices...and then Interscope for their "reactionary" practices...Both Def Jam and Interscope are owned by the same company...so this "Competition" has only made ridiculous money for the heads at Universal. 50 can say "I Get Money" but like Master P told him in a recent BET interview (where 50 acted humble! He actually basically apologized for "misunderstanding" Master P's recent moves to clean up his act).....You can say you're on your way to a billion...there are guys moving equities with annual cash flow of billions easily. That's why I'm gonna be on Wall Street. :kool:
  11. wow kanye almost a mill by sunday? he'll have a mill after one full week. wow.
  12. the funny thing is..you give it a month and all the slow country fans will eventually pick up chesney's album. I believe that it will end up Kanye as first, Chesney second, and then 50. that's gonna kill 50. and who else is enjoying that T.I can't brag about his sales this time? I mean I like the guy but it was bordering on 50-ego when he complained ludacris got the award and t.i had the numbers
  13. couldn't have said it better myself :yeahthat:
  14. If you enjoy the creativity in rapping/rhyming but also enjoy a wide range of music instrumentals, like soul, rock, alternative, techno...then you'll enjoy Kanye's album simply for the different approach.
  15. there's a youtube video where 50 is groggy last night and says he may not make another album...but idk... Hiphopdx.com is making a biggg story about it but it doesn't seem believable. He is donating a portion of his proceeds to the NYPD foundation for widows after the 9/11....I can't get mad at him for that.
  16. ah man it's my home...this is my sophomore year up in happy valley and it's only getting better. :thumbsup:
  17. you gotta let us know how the JE album is...i'm not as much on their stuff but if I hear it's worth it, i'll take a listen
  18. Bob

    Hi, I'm New...

    heyyyyyooo!! you'll enjoy it here. I came here in October and it's a great niche to catch up on FP and anything else around.
  19. The bonus track "Good Night" featuring Mos Def on Kanye's album is unbelievable and should definitely be on the official album...
  20. Bob

    BNF2K7 Video!

    that was awesome!!! I like Peedi on this..
  21. Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado are the only two currently who will go to him for albums yet neither are hip hop artists. All the names you've mentioned have not done so in recent years. As I have said, within the last 5 years, nothing he's brought to the table has been innovative. Before that, definitely. He used to be so creative that no one really could even compare. Yet, in the last 5 years I've seen nothing but laziness on his behalf. Yes, Nas, Snoop and Jay have gone to Timbo for songs in the past, yet they haven't worked with him recently. Jay was reluctant to get on anything Timbaland made last year, even for Timbo's own last album. He passed over the beat now used for "Ayo Technology" when recording "Kingdom Come" and basically was pleaded with by Timbo to get on a remix for Shock Value. Nas, after the one song in 1999 I believe, hasn't gone to Timbaland for anything. The only Timbaland song I can honestly was somewhat creative in the recent past was probably Busta Rhymes "Get Down" just for the acoustic feel. And yes, I don't enjoy fallout boy as well so it was tough enough to muster the strength to listen to such a collaboration ha.
  22. I completely disagree...that's actually one of the tracks that I'd reference in my argument. It's a live band with a new sound (relatively) and Timbaland put claps, a deeper bass, and then used a flanger on their guitar. It's really basic and to me, not innovative. He really only did audio engineering on their usual style, with his technique. Production was very limited on that track. He really just adapts their sound to his, rather than the other way. Where a pete rock or will.i.am are versatile regardless of the artist, Timbaland stays relatively stagnant.
  23. He was interviewed 3 months ago saying how he's too creative for the game and no one is on his level. He said that it's boring for him. To me he is the 50 cent of producers: egotistical...distinct in his sound, and repetitive in his technique...while limited in skill. I haven't heard innovation for the last 5 years from Timbaland. I hear repetition. I hear deep bass sequences with a digitally enhanced snare. I hear no experimentation with sound but rather molding every new idea or old technique to this techno-based style Timbaland loves. He takes a rock band and shoves the bass on the drum way up...and then adds a couple snaps...maybe a swishing sound. Yes, everyone goes to him for A SONG...but no one goes to him for AN ALBUM...because where a Pete Rock, a Kanye West, a Just Blaze, a Jonathan Rotem, a Jazzy Jeff, a Dr. Dre, a J. Dilla, a Scott Storch can produce a wide range of sounds and themes...Timbaland sticks with the one style. I don't see any fresh style from a guy who puts the same fundamental sound on every track he does. He is very caught up in the fame and his own hype. Also, his singles disrupt the flow of albums. If you look back, none of the candidates for last year's top Hip Hop albums had a Timbaland track. Nas, Game, and Jay-Z stayed away from the Timbaland sound. In doing so, the stayed away from conforming to the standard, uncreative movement to single over album. And here's the dagger: Timbaland knows one thing. Europe has it right regarding the most catchy, most despensable genre of music. It's techno and for that, yes his music gets played over and over, since the voice on the track is different. All he does is take the hottest thing in Germany...like the beats he admitted to have plagerized. So the time for people to become fed up takes longer, yet eventually that sound saturates the market. Kanye almost did so, and then took a huge course in production by collaborating with that composer on his Late Registration album. I think Timbaland is one of the most overrated producers to have stepped foot into the game.