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    well now all the fickle people, even being the best fans, can get over feeley and realize mcnabb will get us to 9-7 if he plays and we'll sneak in on the second wild card spot. then super bowl!
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    Auto-Correct Enabled: Sure.
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    Automatic-Spell check makes that:
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    No Music for Will

    Well, I believe he was in a different place mentally about hiphop then. It was his life. He was honestly doing it to prove something and be one of the greats. He was a young kid who was hungry for respect and a catalog to compare to the ones he looked up to and those he competed with in his day. Once you hit the success of Big Willie Style and Willenium, coupled with success in more profitable ventures like movies, your direction and motivation may be different, seeing as he realistically knows no one will sell 12 times platinum. I also think Will may be concerned that Switch was an album saver. I remember when a Philly radio station played it for the first time, the DJ made a comment that, unlike many initial reactions, the DJ himself enjoyed it, although it was very different. It was a big risk in terms of it's originality and could have fallen flat. Now, I know everyone will say, "Oh, his whole album was off the charts" but I'm talking commercially, Switch was the one thing that album had that was so original, it was going to go strong. But the risk was there that no one would feel such an odd piece of music. Come a few months later and "Hey Mr. DJ" jacks the beat (I love DMX for making "Why you jack will smith for a beat") and everyone was on that type of song. I'm thinking he may be worried that the homerun he hit may be the last he can do to get the radio play that switch, getting jiggy, wild wild west, and freak this got.
  5. Bob


    AMEN. Uh, visqo...you beat us with our backup in. You put Donny Mac in, we win that game. Donovan NEVER throws deep lame duck passes. The team woulda won with Super 5 in. It was not a route. by any means. Our backup quarterback almost had a win over you fools. But don't worry, Super 5 is getting healthy, we'll squeeze into the playoffs, considering we were 5-6 last year at this time and we have a confident team....then part two, against the patriots in february will commence, with the best qb in the world, under center for the eagles.
  6. Bob

    No Music for Will

    I can't try and make excuses. It seems like he is done. I mean, there's a shot he gets a creative influence the way Jay-Z did. But the level of promotion to be successful in Hip Hop hit new highs this past year and the result? The records don't sell to the extent that Will would be satisfied over. I'm not saying he's a man made by money, but I think because he is a perfectionist, he would be upset if he didn't reach commercial success in the way he has in the past. And he is not an indie artist by any means. Idk, he focuses on one thing at a time and that's good, but it's bittersweet because of how successful his movies are.
  7. Bob

    Will and Scientology

    the thing is, for all those who don't understand my Christian beliefs, I tell them as much as they may disagree, they should still respect my decision to believe what I want. In the same way, regardless of my own personal views on Scientology, I need to respect someone else's decision to believe in that set of beliefs. I can question their institution (and practices) like many people question the institution and practices of Christianity. Still though, I respect Will for not being discriminatory towards any one set of beliefs, regardless of how illogical Scientology seems. I mean, for atheists, Christianity or really any religion can seem illogical when it comes down to using science to prove faith. So I give Will big props on this.
  8. Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy...Italian Job...16 blocks....Brown Sugar...Some very impressive performances.... ya seriously, that's a good list and he was great in em...especially 16 Blocks...I mean BRUCE WILLIS was the star and Mos still shined in the movie...
  9. oh, thanks...I read this article a few weeks back and dismissed it because will wasn't #1. it's still a little shaky though.
  10. I don't know if you heard, but the AMA's completely cold-shouldered hiphop for awards. It's one of many examples that are indicative of the lack of respect hiphop has in American *elite* (Hollywood, critics). They won't give him something until he's good and old in the acting game. He has plenty of nominations but like I mentioned, they will still be critical. Museum of the Moving Image was great, but it's certainly not something anyone was too familiar with until we heard Will got it lol. So far, he's highly respected, but the route he's taking will take time. He will deserve the star, but it's gotta be down the road when he's amassed more fame than what most people know him for: Independence Day, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Men in Black. As his physical image ages, and he may start playing more of the fatherly roles, he could really gain the respect from academies and such as that is a sweet spot so-to-speak for critics. Will is still very young, young enough that those who are pushing for a star probably want to wait to have even more accolades to celebrate.
  11. I wouldn't say shocking. He's young by acting standards, he's just started to gain acclaim for dramatic roles (although Bagger Vance should have gotten more credit than it did), and he's returning to sci-fi which could actually hurt his chances (since some in the hollywood elite could see it as a safe-zone, rather than being the actor who redefines himself every role). It should be interesting, and unless he REALLY falls off, he'll get one, but it's still a good 10 years away at the earliest. I'd like to see him as an actor when he's in that older, wise stage.
  12. Bob

    Comin to the Stage

    Family Christmas???? it seems like this is almost becoming an audio forum...with that said...anyone care to share?...or possibly move this to rare tracks...i really don't think i have that authority...or i can request if need be in that forum
  13. Bob

    Ask Will a question

    we'll see if mine get's picked...asking all about with hip hop is dead movement, rappers curbing their lyrics, and jazzy releasing his album, when will we hear will on some jeff townes-executive produced vinyl....
  14. Bob

    I Need Some Help With My Mac

    MacZip1.0.6 is free and available at download.com....btw, download.com is the most secure, virus-free option for odds-and-ends applications. they do let you filter results to show the free, priced, or free to try programs that apply to whatever search you do. In addition, you can filter based on OS...so you can choose programs specifically made for the Mac. from there, you should be fine extracting from zip files and then you'll be able to install media player.
  15. Bob

    Lets go patriots!

    well regardless, we got this man. so i mean love or hate, i'm just speakin straight. and my production skills are coming along haha thanks though.
  16. Bob

    Lets go patriots!

    Well, again, you don't have to see eye to eye with me, you'll just be blind...
  17. Bob

    Lets go patriots!

    I mean, you live in America, so you have the right to disagree with the truth...but I wouldn't recommend it... :stickpoke:
  18. Bob

    Lets go patriots!

    patriots=cheaters... the EAGLES righted the ship and in two weeks will stun the Cheats with a win as we run the table... We did it last year, we did it in 2003, we'll do it this year. Brady's gonna sweat.
  19. he lives at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, washington D.C I swear.
  20. Bob

    Kingdom Come vs. American Gangster

    i really can't make up my mind. i've been playing american gangster for the last 2 weeks and i can't decide. usually i make up my mind real quick. i play success every 5 seconds because the way nas killed "black republican", jay seemed real hungry on "success" and beat nas on that collab. pray is awesome. fallin is just unbelievable. jd did his best work ever. and diddy finally put up some good production this century. he's done only garbage the last 7 years in terms of production. roc boys is fun, almost feels like an encore-hype song. buttttt... am I the only one who realizes that Just Blaze repeated the beat for "American Gangster" **Bonus track, #15 on the cd** from "Show me What you got" from "Kingdom Come"?????????????????????????? It really annoys me. i like blue magic. party life doesn't get me. Ignorant Sh*t is the only time I ever enjoy Beanie...No hook is sicckkkk...."I know" SOMEHOW works...and I thought pharrell couldn't make a beat anymore for a good song...lol guess i was off...and although I cannot stand lil' wayne...hello brooklyn has grown on me BIG TIME...I think they work good together. sorry lol. I'd take this album in terms of beats over Kingdome Come...I felt Dr. Dre was a little too heavy on the strings last album...but content? Lyrically he is more hungry on American Gangster, but his thoughts were very "high" on Kingdom Come..and I enjoyed that. EDIT: When I said "can't make up my mind about the album", i'm saying whether I'd give it a "classic" or 5 star label. I usually listen to something and make that decision pretty quick....and i'm sitting on this...but my mindset has finally been in the "mood" for this type of album and "American Dreamin" along with "Sweet" are growing big time on me
  21. i'd say once or twice a week...on average. I think all the other posts summed it up well. The only thing I'd add, is when I get a new album, especially if it's a few weeks early and i've been craving it, I may have to put them on hold for awhile. I'd have to say that it goes JJFP then Nas in terms of consistently listening to discography. After that, I go all over the place, with Green Lantern and Mick Boogie mixtapes as the fun spins. I have Jay's discography but I've found that I can't go so consistent on his stuff. It's worth playing the whole rotation on shuffle at times, but for some reason alot of his stuff misses for me, more than I thought.
  22. Bob

    Nas' next album title

    ya, i've been spinning the album the past couple of days and top to bottom it's a fun album. really a refresher for jay.
  23. Bob

    NFL London

    ...But Tony Romo plays for the Cowboys, not the Eagles :) Wait, are we talking the worst quarterback? then yes, I'd understand your clarification. Much love though, (no romo). Super 5 =#1! (I'll be there at the Linc as the cowgirls get decimated.) and Visqo, I'm talking the best players, not cheaters and opportunists....
  24. Bob

    Nas' next album title

    I had seen this, but it still throws me for a loop. The one thing to consider is how much pull this rep has in the moving of state funds. That isn't the most maneuverable type of investment and he'd have to get alot more support than his own. Anytime you want to take money out of such a stable source, you need almost unanimous acceptance of the move...and that can take months, long enough for the album to come out.
  25. Bob

    NFL London

    Well, I almost went nuts when they showed the London game's start on the channel that the best NFL team, The Philadelphia Eagles, were supposed to be playing...but thankfully they came to their senses so I could watch the best quarterback in the world do his magic for the Eagles :wickedwisdom: