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    Another REALLY random question!

    I'm the weirdest one: when I was single, it was door open and light off. :lol:
  2. dparrott

    What happened to the forum?

    Database corruption. It happens. :bangcomp: <-- Computer nerd
  3. A lot of classics there, including some rock bands I like. I like Licensed more than Paul's Boutique though.
  4. dparrott


    http://www.breakbeat-paradise.com/samplesi...b_breakbeat.php Loads of good free beats there.
  5. dparrott

    New Nas Feat Jay Z....

    That song's dope, exactly what I expect Nas to come with.
  6. dparrott

    Your first JJFP album..?

    The 5:05 is the original 1987 album version.
  7. By that logic, LL has never made a good album because his latest one is weak. And we all know that's not true. However, if the artist only has one style or sound, then that logic has some validity. If I like the artist, I always give an album a chance before I make a decision on it.
  8. dparrott

    one main reason why we like rap music

    Eminem has wild syncopation at times as well. Breath control is also important, not only for rappers but also for beat boxin. The Human Beat Box (Fat Boys) had incredible breath control for his size, I'm amazed he didn't collapse from lack of oxygen.
  9. Sorry, but that is exactly what The Definition, 10 and Todd Smith are all about. Catchy lil hooks and trendy beats. Except for maybe a few tracks, like Big Mama and Were Gona Make It. I think Headsprung was a good balance of classic LL and what was hot then. The bass hits HARD, and he's really good on it. Feel The Beat has an old school style beat to it also. I think Definition is his best of the later years.
  10. dparrott

    Parent's just don't understand

    :lol: Even though it's old, I'm sure some kids today feel the way the song does. It can apply to many generations.
  11. dparrott

    one main reason why we like rap music

    Suga Free is a master at syncopation. He can spit so many words in one line it's hard to comprehend, which I love. E-40 is the same way, and he can also vary his tone at the same time. It's just crazy.
  12. dparrott

    one main reason why we like rap music

    That's one thing I hate about a lot of rappers today, they're offbeat. Back in the day rappers were on time with their beat. This "loose flow" style just irritates my ears.
  13. I don't know what's worse...all the R&B on Todd Smith or 50 & LL together on the new one. I guess if it makes LL really rock the mic, I'd be alright with it. But a return to his roots with 50...no. Premier and LL is a great combination.
  14. dparrott

    New NWA CD/DVD

    Greatest hits album plus DVD: http://www.chartattack.com/damn/2006/11/0907.cfm
  15. I kinda dig Flav's album from the online clips that I've heard. He tries to sing on some songs and it don't work, but he's his normal goofy wordy self on most of it, and the beats are pretty funky. Serious it's not, but it sounds good to me.
  16. dparrott


    He doesn't need her, he can live off the money of being a rap star. :lol:
  17. dparrott

    New Ice-T album

    http://icet.com/ecard/player.html Ehhh...some songs are good, some are sell out R&B tracks. On one song he complains how rappers have gone soft, then later he makes a "gangsta love song". Sorry Ice, those don't go together. The CD has been banned from a lot of stores because of the cover.
  18. Has anybody thought of creating an online station? Between JJ&FP and the solo projects, there's plenty of material. Imagine...JJ&FP 24/7!
  19. dparrott

    Rakim Biters

    I guess it depends on how old the quoted line is. I've always thought of it as respect and/or adding a twist to a classic line.
  20. dparrott

    Life After Hip Hop

    Hey, if Hulk Hogan can do it, Mel can. But it's still a funny thought.
  21. dparrott

    New Ice-T album

    "I dont like storytelling - especially not when it isnt really storytelling, it is the rapper trying to fool you that he is living a life he really isnt living. Like 50 Cent, Ice-T and the NWA dudes are doing...The content of the lyrics is the most important part of hiphop, at least in my opinion. Outkast got that..." Um...what??? So you believe this "pimp" stuff that Outkast is puttin out but not NWA and Ice-T??? Outkast are just as violent: "Jump and you'll get you sprayed...Many a n**** fallin fast and I continue blastin, swiftly...And under my seat for you suckers its your final curtain call...The one two to the guage p-u-m-p, You want to do a jack, I heat the barrel til it's empty, get me" Of course that was a long time ago, but is that any more believeable than NWA and Ice??? If it wasn't for them, Outkast wouldn't be making those lyrics.
  22. dparrott

    New Ice-T album

    OK, yes it's the same content, but the difference is Ice-T and NWA are more than just their lyrical content, they also have incredible mic skills, where as 50 doesn't. There's no way 50 could spit like Ice-T does on "New Jack Hustler", "Lethal Weapon", or "Hit The Deck", or many NWA songs, or have their energy. Him and many rappers today sound like they're half asleep and I hate that. Plus Ice-T did more than make "I'm a gangsta" songs, he also described the downsides of that lifestyle.
  23. dparrott

    Kanye sore loser at ema's

    "George Bush doesn't care about black people" - Kanye West `Nuff said.
  24. :word: Is there ANY recent rap album that doesn't have someone singing in it??? If so, I'd love to hear it.
  25. dparrott

    New Ice-T album

    50 shouldn't be even mentioned in the same sentence as Ice-T and NWA. Any rapper that can still have a recording career over 20 years later is a legend to me. Ain't no way 50 will last that long.