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  1. Best lyrics I've ever written. https://traxsfv.bandcamp.com/track/2023-freestyle
  2. Word. I've hated mainstream rap for 20 years now.
  3. New kid-friendly album by my favorite MC. https://smarturl.it/Kid-Hop
  4. Uh yea today there are so many "rappers" who are worse than Em. I shake my head at how some of these these jokers are gettin videos and promotion.
  5. any Eminem collection without this is a failure https://youtu.be/jpczO2b7yXA
  6. He has way better tracks than these. A lot of this collection is slow pop stuff.
  7. I'm def putting this on my digital version
  8. He's 61 YEARS OLD! Youngin's today could never.
  9. Rappin with live jazz band. Man I slept on this!
  10. Someone did this years ago, I made a new version in HQ https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhItn-YywrLOxWYjr5Ig2cBjeO5S?e=K51F3t (edited)
  11. https://nas.lnk.to/Magic This hittin!!! best album in years!!!
  12. A 90's style song I made about where I'm from. https://traxsfv.bandcamp.com/track/boom-bap-valley-rap
  13. Random TV samples over a rap beat. I love it. They made a few singles, but does anyone know any more songs like this or the Paid In Full Remix?
  14. I always hoped he would do something with the Fat Boys in a reunion thing. Yea he was great.
  15. I've been making homemade music since 1987. I wanted to remake this song because I love the music and there is no good quality recording of the original. It's self-produced so it's kinda rough. I also changed the lyrics a bit. Beat is by John Page Contraband on YouTube. https://traxsfv.bandcamp.com/track/womb-to-the-tomb-house-of-pain-cover
  16. 40 minutes of heat!!! Both new and old school MC's. Not crazy about 40 minutes of the same beat, he could have mixed in a couple. Still dope.
  17. Yea I ain't with that pop remix. It's aight, the OG version was way better I think. Nice clip though.
  18. It's got some good tracks but kinda slow for me.
  19. https://nas.lnk.to/kingsdisease It's aight, good flows over new school beats. Too many new artists as guests.
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