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  1. It's the newest hip hop fashion trend! It may merge with Nelly's "band aid" accessory. This guy kinda looks like Kool Rock Ski from The Fat Boys. Maybe it's his reality show.
  2. Here ya go: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MD0RFCHZ
  3. Sounds like he's trying to rap with a lot of food in his mouth. :lol:
  4. Don't know what this is on, but it's great! It has different lyrics. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1LDJCY5C
  5. LL: you'll rock remix (vinyl) dangerous (burnt mix - vinyl) candyman - jason's lyric soundtrack
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUJU5d4z1So :lol:
  7. 50 appeared on THE VIEW once!!! WTF??? He wants old white housewives to listen to his music and watch his movies???
  8. Heh...Wayne wants to be where Jay-Z is, Jay's trying to be like Wayne was. The grass is always greener... :shrug:
  9. Nice! I love Tribe, those videos bring back memories of Yo MTV Raps. Classic.
  10. That's EXACTLY how I feel! And it wasn't only that they listened to all kinds of music, but they were genuine in who they were and didn't follow any trends or copy anyone directly. Each took their influences and created their own sound. Now it's just bitin to make money. I think Weird Al's "White & Nerdy" is a better rap song than what most of these "hip hop artists" put out (notice I didn't use the word "rapper"). That song sure describes me well. :bandana:
  11. "Shout" is a classic Tears For Fears song. Big Chair is one of their albums.
  12. Yea I know, that's why they look so familiar, I was wondering about this since back then, I thought someone here would know.
  13. Well, LA itself doesn't have "hills" really, the hills are in Malibu or north of LA where I was, there's a lot of houses like on the video.
  14. Fat Boys - "Crushin'" samples it in one of the verses.
  15. Found this one day. How many rap songs can you name that have sampled this??? The three easy ones are: Paid In Full LL - Jack The Ripper Run-DMC - Run's House Three of my favorites all in one song! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=43KD7WOH
  16. Does anyone know where the scenes at the house was shot (with the pool and mountains in the background)? It looks very similar to where I lived in high school.
  17. Got it, thanks anyway. Still need those songs from vinyl I listed before.
  18. I just listened to Stillmatic a couple of days ago, I forgot how great "One Mic" is. From concept to lyrics to delivery, it's genius. I haven't heard another song like it, and I doubt one exists. Plus the song "Stillmatic" is great too, I love the music of the "Paid In Full" remix.
  19. Found this online, from an MTV compilation CD. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LDY34X2N
  20. Got it! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8AWDR9SR Also, the BNF live on the record has a different intro than the video version where FP introduces his dancers on stage.
  21. That makes him better??? Em would burn Vanilla Ice like instantly.
  22. This is one reason why hip-hop is dead: award shows combining R&B and hip-hop into one award. THEY ARE TWO DIFFERENT TYPES OF MUSIC REQUIRING TWO DIFFERENT TYPES OF TALENT!!! :tantrum: So an R&B singer is the best hip-hop artist of the year and she makes the best hip-hop album of the year??? That's pretty sad, and not very good for the other hip-hop artists out there.
  23. Stumbled across this in a search. Y'all heard of it? http://freedomrecord.net/?pid=2474260
  24. Haha, ebay is nasty that way, you can jack someone of their item seconds before it ends. I've done it and had it done to me many times.
  25. I need these JJFP trax: Parents Just Don't Understand (Danny D Remix) 6:00 version Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Extended Version) The Groove (Jazzy's Groove) (Extended Version) (5:28) The Groove (Grover's Groove) (With Rap) (6:10) Megamix (Extended Version) LL: The Ripper Strikes Back Zoom I Need A Beat (Original Version, not on Radio) I'll try to help anyone in need when I can. Thanks.
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