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  1. dparrott

    New Ice-T album

    Yea I was thinkin that. He wants to prove he hasn't changed, but in reality he has.
  2. If 50 thinks he can battle with Nas, he obviously hasn't heard "Ether". And G-Unit is not one to make a statement like that, because they are contributing to the "death" where Nas is trying to save it.
  3. Was this before or after Nas announced the title of his album in May? Pretty soon it will be "G-Unit Is Dead" :lol:
  4. dparrott

    Your all-time favorite JJFP song

    Personally, I think the fast paced love songs are corny, and on later albums they became more prevalent. Yea he raps well, but for that time they were so trendy. "...DJ...Rapper" was very unique for it's time, and still is. I let a friend listen to it for the first time recently and he was amazed by it. The clean production, the DJ'in, FP's flow and lyrics, the variety in songs, it's the perfect blend.
  5. And P Diddy "conducted" an orchestra on some awards show recently. This after making songs called "Gangsta Sh**" and "Real Ni**as". These "Gansta Orchestras" gotta stop. "Puff Daddy...enough already. Now it's P Diddy, still sounds sh**ty." - Afroman
  6. Lovin "Hip Hop Is Dead", esp. the old school beat breaks in it. "The N" would sound a lot better without that string loop. What is with rappers comin out all hardcore and using strings???? It's so annoying and to me it undermines the effectiveness of what they're trying to accomplish. Rappers will be performing with orchestras next. I guess this is payback for us stealing rock n' roll?
  7. dparrott

    "Concept" samples

    Eminem: Without Me: There's a concept that works...Twenty million other white rappers emerge
  8. dparrott

    Nas Previews Hip-Hop Is Dead... The N

    Music goes in cycles. Just like how "dance rap" was popular in the early 90's, it faded out. This will also.
  9. dparrott


    He's not crazy, he's what's called a "completist". I know how he feels, it's almost like an obsession.
  10. Don't judge him on one song. His double album Afroholic is great, he's got his own band and hardly uses samples. It's totally homegrown and uncommercial.
  11. dparrott


    K-Solo should be grateful people still remember him.
  12. I only had respect for him when he was with Jaz. He says he's the "CEO of hip-hop" and he's "reppin for the have-nots". And P-Diddy does a website video brushing his teeth saying "See, I'm just like y'all", yea right. Like we can identify with their lifestyle. I respect REAL rappers like Afroman who has to make and sell his music on his own and rap about working the graveyard shift and living out of a van. That's real life, not this gangsta rap fairytale shiz that almost none of their fans have.
  13. True dat, plus all record sales are hurtin thanks to the internet. Gold is the new platinum haha.
  14. I saw LL back in 89, don't remember it though, all I remember is the shirt I got afterwards. That's f'd up I know...haha
  15. Yea, I couldn't believe a veteran like LL would hook up with 50. It's like he only wants to do what's hot, and not stick to who he really is, like the last Run-DMC album.
  16. dparrott

    Nas Previews Hip-Hop Is Dead... The N

    I totally agree that sales do not equal quality, and the best rappers don't get grammys...at least not anymore. I guess the real hip-hop has gone underground because the fake hip-hop went mainstream. It's not "dead", just not promoted as much.
  17. dparrott

    Nas Previews Hip-Hop Is Dead... The N

    I totally agree with his album title. Hip-hop as an artform has been sugar coated and watered down to death by most of these pop rappers out here. Nas is one of the only true rap artists left, although he also uses R&B too much. I can't wait.
  18. dparrott

    Too Short-Blow The Whistle

    And the song BTW has the classic T$ sound to it. He usually doesn't change his music with the trends and I respect him for that.
  19. I think the album flopped because it wasn't very good. I've loved LL since 87, but he needs to get out of this R&B mode and come with it like Headsprung or G.O.A.T. One or two love songs are acceptable, but not more than half the album. LL should hook up with Dr. Dre.
  20. I'm not saying that rap and rock do not work together, Run-DMC were doin it in 84. Kid Rock and the "rappers" of Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit may be good for the music that they do, but they do not have the skills of rappers like Will Smith, Suga Free, Eminem or E-40. You can put whatever label you want to put on the music, but the fact is those bands do not get played on BET, nor on radio stations that play Ice Cube, Xzibit and Too Short. And the Judgement Night sdtk was good because it had real MC's on it.
  21. Rap/rock is a dying trend and the music world is better off without it. Call me old-fashioned or closed-minded, but the only good rap/rock band I've heard is Urban Dance Squad, who helped start it all and were ahead of their time. Rappers trying to rock: Usually good Rockers trying to rap: Usually bad
  22. dparrott

    How many time

    As often as I can.
  23. dparrott

    kool JJ Poster

    Yea...haha that's what I thought, it could have been used back then.