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  1. Hi all, For those of us who can't make it to the show, is there a live stream of the two festivals? Or even a radio station who's broadcasting them? The livewire app those have a live stream tab but it looks like nothing is happening there
  2. jj+fp2004

    something i found on youtube

    i have no idea who's that but he says he heared FP and 50 talk. is name is eric robertson if some1 knows who's that i'd love to hear... maybe he's a nobody. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZdI9vbE8yA
  3. http://youtube.com/watch?v=czQFr64ebrE Rhymefest is going to JJs house to make music and brings is camera with him... a realy cool video!!
  4. jj+fp2004

    Will Smith Twinkle Twinkle Music Video

    you did a realy good job mate!!! :thumbsup:
  5. jj+fp2004

    BIlly Ocean & Fresh Prince

    tnx tim... :2thumbs:
  6. jj+fp2004

    New J5!

    i waited for something new from them so much!!! i didn't know they got a song out already!!
  7. jj+fp2004

    jeff killin it with the roots

    tnx!!! it's great...
  8. jj+fp2004

    the base 500

    i don't know any other number... i was just changing channels and than i saw FP but i didn't stayed there after the song finished
  9. jj+fp2004

    the base 500

    yesterday i saw this show and guess what song was number 31 of all time?... you guessed right, SUMMERTIME... usually i don't give a damn about the mtv charts but i think 31 is pretty good!!
  10. jj+fp2004

    JJFP Summer Tour!

    tnx for the newz... i hope it will happened...
  11. jj+fp2004

    Will is suddenly

    i'm from israel too and this is why FP is in israel... he was in india but had problems with the flight back so he decided to come to israel for about two days and he is leaving tomorrow in the morning.
  12. jj+fp2004

    will smith meets sharon

    amm i'm from israel and got one thing to tell you... it's not true about him meeting Sharon because our prime minister Sharon is in a coma for a couple of months and he's not really capable of speaking. but FP is really here in israel, he was in india but had problems with the flight back so he decided to come to israel for about two days and he is leaving tomorrow in the morning.
  13. jj+fp2004

    Momma Songs Square Off

    2pac's "dear mama" for sure...
  14. oops...i know who is DMC, i just mixed them up by mistke... i'm such an idiot, and i thought to myself who the hell is Darryl McDaniels 'cause DMXs name is Earl Simmons. so never mind forget what i wrote...
  15. i love dmxs music but i think it's funny to hear him talk about that 'cause he's allways raps about killing....
  16. jj+fp2004

    i'm outta here

    good luck mate... :2thumbs:
  17. jj+fp2004

    Live Tell Me Why

    thank you!!!!! i wanted to see the peformance for a long time... :gettinjiggywitit: :rockon:
  18. jj+fp2004

    "Tonight" Helmer Leaves

    Tony Scott is a great director too....
  19. jj+fp2004

    Jazzy Jeff Mix video on Youtube

  20. jj+fp2004

    And You Don't Stop: Hip Hop

    tnx man.. this is great!!!
  21. jj+fp2004

    Happy Birthday Fan 4ever

    happy birthday mate!!! :gettinjiggywitit: :rockon: :party: :jazzy:
  22. jj+fp2004


    happy b-day tim!!!! have a great one!!! :gettinjiggywitit: :2thumbs: :Party_fest09:
  23. jj+fp2004

    The TELL ME WHY Video

    great job jonny!!! it was amazing :rockon:
  24. jj+fp2004

    Summertime live on soultrain

    tnx tim... it was great!!