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  1. Big Willie

    Da Rebirth - 2012 Promo

    Appreciated bro. No rush man, look forward to what you come up with. Sure it'll be dope! Hope you and the fam have a good holiday!
  2. Big Willie

    Da Rebirth - 2012 Promo

    Quick promo 16 I made the other night using a beat sampling MJ's Music & Me! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WIxv3dVkak All feedback is appreciated! Hope you all like it!
  3. Big Willie

    Skillz Rap Up 2012

    Digmund Freud with the UK Edition.
  4. Big Willie


  5. Just a lil Christmas song I threw together, having a bit of fun! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7OZdUpPOJE I think its more relevent for people in the UK, but no-one should take it seriously. Coz I didn't
  6. Big Willie

    SEMI FINALS: Big Willie vs Brakes (ROUND II)

    Likewise man, I appreciate that. I knew I'd need to come hard to stand a chance. You're the first person to beat me, intense battle bro. You don't mind losing battles like that. Good luck in the final! I'm still getting at you for a collab though, just not on the date you suggested, haha!
  7. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Best-Jazzy-Jeff-Fresh-Prince/dp/B0046BU02C/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1287821558&sr=1-1 Good to see something new, but getting bored of these compilation albums!
  8. Big Willie


    What good y'all? I know there was a single for Rock Wit U, but did JJ release any other singles? Cheers for the help in advance :thumbsup:
  9. Big Willie

    The MJ Mixtape

    COMING SOON! OCTOBER 26th! DJ Jazzy Jeff's highly anticipated Michael Jackson mixtape is almost here! In honor of the late, great Michael Jackson, DJ Jazzy Jeff has paired with UNDRCRWN, a Philadelphia-based clothing company, to release a mixtape entitled, "He's the King...I'm the DJ". The mix is a combination of popular favorites and rare gems from the King of Pop. It takes listeners on a musical journey by opening with slow grooves like "Lady in My Life", followed by a smooth transition into more uptempo favorites. Jeff had even included some of his own EXCLUSIVE REMIXES created especially for the project. Cant wait for this.
  10. Just to say, nothing personal was meant by the verse. I never mean nor take anything personal when battling, even if the opponent is doing so. Great second verse Brakes, good luck man!
  11. A new song with Tacer (did the Dead & Gone remix with me), written and recorded on Sunday! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZpYISDiLjc Comments, likes, sharing. All feedback appreciated!
  12. Big Willie

    SEMI FINALS: Big Willie vs Brakes (ROUND II)

    Dicked by a bigger willie? Brakes, that line could be genius If it wasn’t for the fact Katie’s clit is bigger than your penis She told me ‘you’re superior to Ewan, he couldn’t do me this way’ At least I think she said it to me, I wasn’t the only dude at your place Coz she treats her legs and crotch like an open buffet for free Soon as she puts on a spread, then it’s all you can eat Ask for directions? Well, that part is accurate actually Coz I had to navigate through all the baby weight she still carries Dictaphone? Yeah, only so I don’t make the same mistakes “14 years and no progress, man, you remind me of Da Brakes” So it’s not a surprise you fabricated record deal lies Then 3 months later your demise was you’re still unsigned I may be new to the game, but I’m at a height you’ll never reach I come to you for advice coz those who can’t teach You didn’t drop a battle verse, more like a rhythmic suicide note They’ll only be a third round if the judges make sympathy votes
  13. Big Willie

    POLL: Big Willie vs Brakes - Who Won?

    Shall we just carry on from the first 16 as if its a 2 round battle?
  14. Big Willie

    POLL: Big Willie vs Brakes - Who Won?

    Make sure you vote for yourself bro! Ah yh cool, just did man.
  15. Big Willie

    POLL: Big Willie vs Brakes - Who Won?

    Great battle, man. Had to bring my A game, good luck, bro!
  16. Big Willie

    Where's Waldo: Will Smith Style

    Won't be too many of them happening I can assure you!! Haha, I wonder what you could be referring too
  17. Big Willie

    Where's Waldo: Will Smith Style

    Haha, soon as I pressed post Brakes' comment was right there too. Call it a tie, haha!
  18. Big Willie

    SEMI FINALS: Big Willie vs Brakes (ROUND II)

    I’ll stride against you Brakes, your take prosthetic steps like Heather Mills I kidnapped Jazzy Jeff’s hype man, so there’s no doubting I have ‘Skillz’ Your rap name is an abbreviation of how they describe me lyrically A Dangerous And Brutal Rapper Always Killing Emcees Simply Distress signals all over Britain if I let you fly the flag for the UK They’ll be at half mast like a John McCain Mexican wave Katie’s not a faithful bride man, she’s more like share a wife You should ask the date of conception night coz Caleb could be mine I’m like a 50 year marriage, golden, first place in antagonism You’re not bronze medal position if there was 3 in the competition You could be a toked up addict with a crack pipe in your throat But even If you ejaculated weed you still couldn’t come (cum) dope ‘Business As Usual’ for you is still cleaning the streets Treat this battle like ‘Brake Yourself’, you’ll never want it to be seen You had a dying career before this battle, do you know what its gonna be after? Like an old basketball jersey, retired and hanging from the rafters
  19. Big Willie

    Where's Waldo: Will Smith Style

    Oh, I see it. The I Am Legend DVD on the coffee table!
  20. Big Willie

    Where's Waldo: Will Smith Style

    I have no idea how it related to Will, but Meth is the man!
  21. Big Willie

    POLL: Schanzz vs Silver Tiger - Who Won?

    Close, but I'm giving it to Chris!
  22. Big Willie

    Big Willie vs Tallen

    True enough, sucks you never got a chance to spit!
  23. Big Willie

    POLL: Hero1 vs Big Ted - Who Won?

    Tim for me, more punchlines that hit harder. Ted had a great verse with some dope lines too tho, props.