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  1. I got myself a web page over at chirbit.com/bigted3485 where I posted some audio that I made with this new computer mic I got about a week ago for my birthday I posted this dope freestyle I just came up with tonight: http://chirb.it/rA45vA time to bring this live and direct big ted keeps rhymes at check 15 years after biggie's death for me the b-i-g t-e-d soon enough it'll be 12 years of raw spitting holding it down in this millenium since april of 2000 now that i got my computer mic i'll be shutting competition not many mcs are flowin' correct that's why i'm making a change to all of this bringin' back the soul and the affection like big daddy kane i ain't half steppin' being a smooth operator during each session that's right shorty come to me for your blessing like i said i'm bringing it one on one like keith sweat don't get it twisted, it ain't just about being in the sheets sexing it's about mind, body, and soul type of affection that's why i'm yearning for that loving all them thugs got ya buggin' like will smith i tell em to don't say nothin' my intelligence makes me harder than all of em word to mama and papa, y'all can't front on gracia aka big ted when he represents check the webpage for more audio i posted including that "going for success" song i was trying to post up on here a couple days ago, feedback would be appreciated
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