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  1. Big Willie

    Da Rebirth - Where's the Peace?

    Appreciate that guys, thanks.
  2. Released my latest mixtape yesterday, free to download! Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?a7d5p4uwk5h2kt2
  3. Big Willie

    My Debut Single!

    Thanks Tim, I appreciate that.
  4. Big Willie

    My Debut Single!

    ‘Never Say Goodbye’ is the debut single from UK rapper, Da Rebirth. A tribute song he wrote in memory of an old school friend, Danny, who sadly passed away of cancer in 2009. Released in support of CLIC Sargent, ‘Never Say Goodbye’ will be available for download worldwide on iTunes and Spotify, with all sale proceeds being donated to the charity. Da Rebirth believes music was made to make a difference, you can be part of that. Download ‘Never Say Goodbye’ and support the cause! Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/album/never-say-goodbye-single/id583906888 This song and its release means a lot to me and it'd be extremely appreciated if you guys could download and spread the word as much as possible, all for a great causes. Thanks in advance!
  5. Big Willie

    Da Rebirth - Hand In Hand

    My latest song, feedback appreciated as always! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tc6JBUKcZ2w
  6. Big Willie

    Gonzoes - Jaden Smith (Official Video)

    He's new age, but showing a hell of a lot of flow and talent!
  7. Big Willie

    MIB3 box office - $620 Million Worldwide

    Yeah, we're like moths to a flame right now. Inside a dark cinema is not an option, lol.
  8. lol @ Visqo developing a backbone, haha. Someone hacked your account, right? lol But yeah, totally uncalled for with the ugly remark and in general about him looking out for his kids first. The man owes us nothing, he's dedicated his life to entertaining us, let him chill and be proud of the family he's raised. I'm not a father myself, but I know for a fact if I had kids as successful as his are it'd be all I talked about too, regardless of my own successes and aspirations. I thought it was bad on here when people were just pissed that he wasnt making music, now you bring the kids into it? Call them ugly? Just because he hasnt released an album and he's helped them instead? Ridiculous!
  9. Quick remix I did today replacing the Tinie Tempah verse on the current UK #1!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5843iODDDJc Feedback, likes, comments all appreciated!!!
  10. Big Willie

    Willow Smith - 'Rock Star'

    If Rihanna releases that song its an instant hit. Willows just not there yet! Her success will come when shes old enough to appreciate how hard you have to work to make it happen. She's too talented to fade out completely, its just not the right time. Probably best for her in the long run too, in her personal life.
  11. What happens in a battle, stays in a battle, haha! Appreciate the feedback guys! Was a pleasure, Brakes! Appreciate you doing it!
  12. Big Willie

    Big Ted Audio

    Thats a good point too. Take everything everyone has said as a reason to improve, not as a reason to give up. It'll only get better with time. The importance of writing and flowing to beats cant be stressed enough though, once you get that you can build the rest of your structure and delivery around it.
  13. Big Willie

    Big Ted Audio

    More energy, man. Attack the vocals like its a life and death situation, haha. It all comes with time, bro. I dunno if Brakes has seen these or not, but his advice helped me a lot when I first started recording, might be worth seeing what his opinion is.
  14. Big Willie

    Big Ted Audio

    Its all a learning curve, man. Nobody cuts a super sharp first audio, there so much to learn about delivery that you can relaly never know everything. Keep at it, man.
  15. Big Willie

    Big Ted Audio

    I'll be honest, man. It's not good. You need to maybe give it more energy and pronounce your words clearer. It's all very monotone and mumbly at the minute. Also. do you write to beats? The verses you put up to instrumentals dont seem to flow in time with the beat. It's extremely difficult to write a verse and then rap it over a beat, you have to write the verse to the beat. It'll all come with time, keep at it, bro. Good to hear you on audio.
  16. Big Willie

    Charity Album?

    Considering how well the community album turned out, I know this could be a long shot lol I'm wondering if anyone is interested in trying to get a charity album together. All original to put on iTunes and so on. I'm up for anyone who wants to be involved, forum members or not, anyone someone might know outside of the forum, etc. Doesnt have to be just rap of course. Spoken word poetry could be cool as well. I'd like to do it for Cancer Research as I've lost 2 friends recently to the disease and my best friends nan has Leukemia. But I'm open to suggestions, or splitting it between charities. Anyone interested? (tumbleweed)
  17. Big Willie

    Charity Album?

  18. Big Willie

    Da Rebirth - Industry of Angels: Part II

    Appreciated, Ted. Hows your dad, man?
  19. I did the first one of these when we lost MJ, it felt fitting to do a new version for Whitney Houston! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCBq1NCAU8w Sharing, likes, feedback all appreciated!
  20. Big Willie

    Going For Success (2012 Self Reflection)

    I'd have to hear it to pass a real opinion, wheres the audio dude? Been a while, taking longer than I did, man, haha. The reason I need to hear it, the simplicity of the rhymes doesnt read well in my head, I cant determine a flow or structure easily. Concept wise, its nice man.
  21. Big Willie

    What Are You Listening To? XXI

    I liked LFO too, they were fun but different to other boy bands. You'll also be happy to know I own Britney and Jessica Simpson albums and happen to think Nick Lachey - This I Swear is one of the best love songs of our time. The cats out the bag now, haha. Listening to; Blak Twang - Help Dem Lord
  22. Big Willie

    Da Rebirth - Better Days

    http://youtu.be/9kWeDxtIkzg Feedback, likes, sharing all appreciated!
  23. Big Willie

    What Are You Listening To? XXI

    Very underrated IMO. RIP Rich!
  24. Big Willie

    Da Rebirth - Better Days

    Appreciate the love, fellas. Thank you both!
  25. Big Willie

    Another Beat ("Carolina")

    Being honest, I wasnt feeling the first 2 beats. But this is very good, the kinda beat I like spitting to. Keep it up man.