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  1. Big Willie

    Phil Nash

    Downloaded it today. This dudes flow is so infectious it hardly matters to me what he's actually saying. Imma have to listen and try and ignore the flow to see if the lyrics have any substance. But I swear, he could rap in a foreign language and I'd be amazed by his flow
  2. Big Willie

    Will Smith Vinyl

    I've got a bunch of JJFP vinyls. The rarest would prop be the One Voice - Soul Talk vinyl Jeff features on. AJ or Tim are probably best verse in whats rare. I'll get a list up of the vinyls i have later on.
  3. Big Willie

    Happy B-Day FuQ

    Happy b-day dude
  4. Big Willie

    Eminem Responds to Mariah Carey 'Obsessed'

    I'm not saying I'd be happy about it, but it wouldnt bother me, because I know its not true, but then again, I've also never put myself in a situation where it could be insinuated. Whether he did anything or not, MJ made it very easy for people to make the accusations.
  5. Big Willie

    Eminem Responds to Mariah Carey 'Obsessed'

    Dude as much as I love MJ and as much as I'm adament he didnt molest any of those kids, I found it funny. Even you have to admit that the stuff MJ has done over the years has made him an easy target for jokes like that. Just openly saying you've let someone elses little boy sleep in the same bed as you will raise suspicions because it's not the right thing to do. So you cant be surprised when someone makes fun of it. But, of the things that have been done and said about MJ, a little skit in an Eminem video is the least offensive. For me anyway. Chris Rock: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Er1Pm37yX08 That could be percieved as more offensive, but, I still laughed, and so did most of the crowd when he said it, a crowd that was probably full/contained a host of MJ fans. We wont agree, it's not my intention to change your opinion. But sometimes people take something that is said as a joke to heart, when all it really is, is a joke.
  6. Big Willie

    Eminem Responds to Mariah Carey 'Obsessed'

    I didnt say he did it because he likes and respects MJ, I said comedians making fun of MJ doesnt mean they dont respect him. We cant be too sensitive in this world, people make fun of people everyday. I'm sure you would laugh if anyone took the piss out of Eminems problems, I have. I laughed when Aries Spears and others called WS "n bomb light", it doesnt mean I like FP any less than I did before laughing at the joke. Because thats what they are, jokes. With the MJ line in Just Lose It, it was a joke, like Brakes said way back at the begining of this thread, it's entertainment. It's not like Em came out and said "I think MJ is a paedophile", he just made a comedic remark in a comedic rap song. I understand your point, but, there is no definitive proof either way that they wouldnt still rank him best ever if they did know other rappers. Thats my point. Someones lack of knowledge doesnt mean they are overrating the person they do like. It just means they cant give a true assessment. Its the same with anything. And I'm not claiming they would still rank him the best either, because you cant tell. I'll tell what I see in him, and as I've always said, its when he's at his peak. For me, his flow is bananas, even when the arabic/annoying voice is used, once again, at his peak, i found his lyrics and complexity to his rhyme scheme second to none. His versatility is his content is pretty special, and he's made complex and intelligent rhymes go to the top of the charts, within an era when the beat is seen as the main component to a great song. For me, his only criticism is that he doesnt always deliver the very high standard his early career set for himself. I've never denied he's fell off, I've never denied his comedic tracks sometimes let him down, but for me, at his peak, he was one of a kind.
  7. Big Willie

    Eminem Responds to Mariah Carey 'Obsessed'

    I didnt say you had to like every thing a comedian says or does, I just said would you criticise a comedian for making fun of someone, coz thats all Eminem is doing. And yes, i might get some hate for this, but I did find it funny in Just Lose It, I've also laughed at numerous MJ jokes over the years, but thats all they are, jokes. There wont be many people that hasn't laughed or told an MJ joke (at least not anyone I know), but it doesnt affect mine or their fanship or respect for him. I've made fun of my friends and family over the years too, like anyone else has, that doesnt mean I love them any less. Yes I agree, a lot of teenagers are narrowminded and like Eminem for those reasons. I did myself when I was younger, then I learnt the history, but I still think he is one of the more creative emcees of our time. Like I said, some having a lack of knowledge doesnt mean their opinion is wrong or make who they think is the best ever overrated, because you cant assume that their opinion would change if they had the knowledge, mine didnt.
  8. Big Willie

    Eminem Responds to Mariah Carey 'Obsessed'

    I think I've said this before on this forum; Em peaked too early on in his career, which means anything after the first 3 albums is looked on as a dissapointment. If his career/releases had happened in reverse I believe peoples perception of him, who have the knowledge, would be different. At his peak, for me, he is one of the best lyrically, its just a shame his peak happened on his first 3 albums, instead of growing over his career. But from a personal stand point, with Relapse and this track, I see the old Shady returning. To each their own... but, his flow is mindboggling for me at times.
  9. You know it'll happen dude :laugh: Glad Massa is ok also, he wants to race in Valencia... love it, wont happen, but love it LOL
  10. Big Willie

    A Closer Walk

    I have the DVD of this. Really puts thing into perspective and how much we take things for granted.
  11. Big Willie

    The Book of Eli

    Yeah, bringin' back the old good times :laugh: The movies I was talking about aren't blockbusters, but oh well... By blockbuster I meant popular and/or with good repuations... i need to polish out my cinema lingo.
  12. Ale dude, the Denzel and Eminem topics werent enough, you had to bring an F1 topic as well? :laugh: I think it's great he's returned, shame about the circumstances its under, but still great. Its a no lose situation for him. If he performs well, it'll only increase his legacy, if he performs poorly, it'll get put down to lack of experience in the car, fitness and his age and absence from racing. Its happened at the right time too, Brawn and RBR are flying, McLaren (well at least LH) are back on form, Ferrari theirselves are showing form again, and I would say Renault, but really its only Alonso LOL I dont think the car is that good, I think Alonso is outperforming it. Hope they get the ban overturned as well, it was obvious he slowed down and tried to avoid the wheel dislodging. With next race being Valencia as well it'd be a shame to not see him there. Gonna be a great run in me thinks.
  13. Big Willie

    Eminem Responds to Mariah Carey 'Obsessed'

    CR9 right... dropped a clanger there though, people wont bother with new shirts and just wear their old Fatnaldo ones :laugh: Ok, you missed my point. The point was peoples lack of knowledge doesnt mean the person they like is overrated. Golf: People may not know Nicklaus, and say Tiger is the best ever. Is Tiger overrated? Bball: People may not know MJ (most do), and say Kobe is the best ever. Is Kobe overrated? Peoples lack of knowledge just means they cant give a true assessment. It doesnt make they're favourite overrated. Coz afterall, favourite is all is it, because something is only good or bad by opinion. Especially in music. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree, and I dare say this debate will crop up again soon LOL
  14. Big Willie

    Eminem Responds to Mariah Carey 'Obsessed'

    Ok, fair enough. But, apply the same situation to football. Ask a young teenage kid who George Best (Zidane for some of them probably as well) is an he probably wouldnt know, ask him who C.Ronaldo is and he'd know, and would probably think he is the best player. Does that make CR7 overrated? I think with Eminem its more, some peoples lack of knowledge means they are ignorant to other artists, as opposed to overrating Em. Because for all we know, even if they had the full knowledge, they could still rank Em as the best ever. Just as a friend of mine (a rapper called Preest) who has a bigger knowledge of hip hop than me, but still ranks Em in his top 5 lyricists of all time. So I personally think its more about ignorance than overrating.
  15. Big Willie

    Eminem Responds to Mariah Carey 'Obsessed'

    Yes, but just because others as good dont sell as much why does it make him overrated? Doesnt it make the others underrated?
  16. Big Willie

    Eminem Responds to Mariah Carey 'Obsessed'

    Its all entertainment Ale! Would you criticise a comedian for making fun of someone? Yes, especially when that comedian himself is a joke. Eminem has made a career of this. Ok, lets put this into perspective. Lets say you think Chris Rock is a joke, and he makes fun of Emienm. Are you telling me you'd criticise the comedian for making fun of Eminem? or is there some kind of rule that a comedian that is a joke can make fun of other people you think are a joke also. Once again, it's you're opinion to not like him. But it isn't fact that he is overrated.
  17. Big Willie

    Eminem Responds to Mariah Carey 'Obsessed'

    LOL I'm bored of this debate. You're mistaking an opinion of not liking Em as him being overrated by others.
  18. Big Willie

    Eminem Responds to Mariah Carey 'Obsessed'

    Its all entertainment Ale! Exactly! Em's a lyrical comedian. Would you criticise a comedian for making fun of someone? Oh and, Mariah's attempt at a diss track for me, is an epic FAIL!
  19. Big Willie

    Eminem Responds to Mariah Carey 'Obsessed'

    Welcome back Slim... he got his swagga back.
  20. Big Willie

    Shaq Steps into WWE Ring

    Shaq's the man, cracks me up! :laugh:
  21. Big Willie

    Happy Birthday Romano

    Happy birthday dude!
  22. Big Willie

    Happy Birthday Brakes

    Happy birthday bro.
  23. Big Willie

    Phil Nash

    This mixtape is bananas! His flow is so insane. The most complex hip hop I've heard in a long while, while still being so easy to listen to. He's like an 80's/90's artist lost in the new Millennium. Volume 2 is dropping soon right? Cant wait for that.
  24. Big Willie

    Jazzy Jeff & Phil Nash

    I heard about it when he dropped "I'm Focused" with JJ. Didnt know it was out tho. Know where I can get it from?