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    Convincing Will to rap again!

    We're definitly gonna have to go outside of the forum and facebook to get the kinda numbers we want. I have a YouTube account with lots of Will videos with 350 subscribers. If someone wants to put a promo type video together, I'll upload it at the feature video on the page. http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSmithFamilySite
  2. Big Willie


    Jamie Marchant
  3. Big Willie

    Convincing Will to rap again!

    that's the british way, huh? :laugh: Which part? :laugh:
  4. Big Willie

    Convincing Will to rap again!

    Call the group "I will name my son Spiderman if this group gets 500,000 members", then just change the name and info when you have enough. I think this is all a bit of a desperate reach, but i'll join anywany.
  5. Agreed. I dont see how anyone could say MJ is arrogant because of this speech. Arrogance for me is defined by someone assuming they are superior without evidence or facts to back up their claim. Im my opinion, MJ isnt arrogant, he's just extremely proud of what he has achieved, and that is totally justified.
  6. I like Hancock, didnt think it was great, didnt think it was terrible, just good entertainment. Thats all I want from a movie.
  7. 2 people out of the millions *and millions* (sorry had a flasback of the Rock in the WWF) of people Will is associated with have said things that could taint his clean image. I'll take those odds. And I still maintain, its funny that every other member of the cast are still close friends with Will, yet Janet is a loner in those terms. Quite frankly, she should just get over it.
  8. Big Willie

    Leona Lewis new song

    Gotta be the most epic fail we've had on here, thank you Visqo :pound:
  9. Big Willie

    Leona Lewis new song

    You dug the whole with the Leona comment, ya jumped in with the above quote LOL The songs called Diamonds from Sierra Leone, the vocals are a Shirley Bassey sample from her song Diamonds Are Forever. Back to the topic; Love Leona, best singer in years for vocals alone. But Alexandra Burke, like Brakes says, has it all.
  10. Big Willie

    Whats your fave movie saga?

    Home Alone is up there too, shame Macaulay Culkin got too old and they brought in brats for 3 and 4.
  11. Big Willie

    Whats your fave movie saga?

    Lethal Weapon, Beverly Hills Cop and Back To The Future for me.
  12. Big Willie


    So you telling me you've never changed the way you speak or act because of your friends mannerisms? Or started using different terms because some of your friends use them? Thats all thats happened to Will, just because his friends happen to be Scientologists, it doesnt make it any different.
  13. Big Willie

    Sky's The Limit

    Dope, thanks for this.
  14. Big Willie

    New addition to the Brakes family

    Congrats again bro.
  15. Big Willie

    What Are You Listening To? XIX

    MC Abdominal & DJ Phase - The Vinyl Frontier
  16. Jeff posted this on facebook. Dj Jazzy Jeff's Peter Bjorn and John Remix... http://www.spin.com/articles/exclusive-dj-jazzy-jeff-remixes-peter-bjorn-and-john
  17. Ya know whats more crazy, his average 100m would have been 9.595, thats only just shy of his 100m record. I'm convinced he's bionic, because he cant possibly be human.... just WOW :shocked: :shocked:
  18. Cant wait to see Hitler's reaction to what I just witnessed.... WOW!!!!!!! :shocked:
  19. Exactly, when I was watching I thought, how do you run 9.71 and lose? How demoralising can that be? He was only 2 thousands off of the WR at the time. Bolt is in a different league, 9.58 is insane, but I think he can go faster, which is even more insane. That dude jogs faster than most run.
  20. Bolt has another couple tenths in him in the 100m for me. As great as he has been, he hasnt run his perfect race yet, scary thought, but true. If he can tie the start, drive, running and not sod about on the final 10m, it will be freightening.
  21. Big Willie

    Jaden Smith set for 'Karate Kid' redo

    LOL Jaden is homeschooled I believe.
  22. Big Willie

    Phil Nash

    arrogant english speeking people, we allways have to deal with your foreign language Haha, ok then, a launguage that is foreign to me LOL
  23. I know Brakes knows about this... but for anyone else, peep her out, see what you think. Download Here!!! I think its incredible. Cant stop playing it. A Message from Lydia via Facebook Event
  24. Big Willie

    JJFP.com Pure Hip-Hop

    Papoose - Alphabetical Slaughter http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZVSL0T3R
  25. I'll see you there dude.