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    Hero1 reacted to mumd0g in Driving me NUTS: Mike Tyson v Sugar Ray   
    Oh, that's right!  'I was chillin out watching the Sugar Ray fight!'  Damn, mystery solved!  Thank you so much, it was driving me crazy!
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    Hero1 got a reaction from Ale in Will Smith - Freak Accident lyrics ( new single 2018)   
    Sent Shane Eli a message. he and his producing partner did indeed produce "Freak Accident." He said they did the track a while ago and they don't know if Will is going to officially release it but he said when he talks to Will he's going to let him know the fans want it! Fingers crossed!
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    Hero1 reacted to Jazzy Julie in Okay, so "this" happened..   
    I’m going. Tickets were just £5, bargain. I’m going with a couple of friends who have never seen him and are desperate to.
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    Hero1 reacted to Jazzy Julie in Will Smith - Freak Accident lyrics ( new single 2018)   
    I was thinking holla back vibes too but I don’t know why.
    The longer Will leaves it the more I want the full version. It’s pretty clever how he built his social media and YouTube channel and then put this out there.
    Good times to be a Will Smith fan.
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    Hero1 got a reaction from Jazzy Julie in Will Smith - Freak Accident lyrics ( new single 2018)   
    I can’t believe this
    I can’t believe this
    I’m rattled life in pieces
    like Seattle nights and sleepless
    I’m grieving, I’m speechless
    I’m dying not faecitious
    I was drinking, she was drinking
    We was dancing wasn’t thinking
    It’s not excuses
    Look the truth is
    i just cut loose is
    Just what grey goose produced this?
    I swear if we get through this
    I’ll never ever do this again
    Baby let me prove it
    Please don’t throw me deuces
    Look at me
    Boo pleas look at me
    My words keep coming out crookedly
    but they can’t capture look and see
    I’ll do anything 
    I’m passionate
    I’ll be an activist
    Against other assholes who act like this
    But let’s not end cause of an accident
    Freak... Accident
    I don’t know how I got into this
    She was a freak... accident
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    Hero1 reacted to fan 4ever in Will Smith - Freak Accident lyrics ( new single 2018)   
    Aight... here we go! The extended version that DaBrakes made.
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    Hero1 reacted to Da Brakes in Okay, so "this" happened..   
    Totally agree Julie.. wordplay is sooo good!! Above all it’s great to know that Will “still has it”.. Imagine if he got with Jeff... the magic that would happen.. 
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    Hero1 reacted to Da Brakes in Get Lit   
    I think FP just needs to be inspired again..I've said it all along that I think he has lost his confidence and is worrying about what is on trend at the moment...  A week or 2 with Jeff will sort that right out..  
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    Hero1 reacted to bigted in Get Lit   
    let me get this straight the classic mc who wrote lyrical classics like summertime and brand new funk had a simple edm dance song written by XO Man (no disrespect but who is he?), simply embarassing, maybe will should just hang up the mic, he's looking like a lost rapper...
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    Hero1 reacted to DevilsJim89 in Get Lit   
    He really didn't have any time to just sit down and write a song? It's not even that good and the fact he didn't write it, makes it even worse in my opinion.
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    Hero1 reacted to Ale in Get Lit   
    This guy, XO Man, says he wrote the song 'Get Lit'. Go to the 11:00 minute mark to watch.
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    Hero1 got a reaction from VIsqo in Movement on Bad Boys III   
    The scripts never gonna be perfect they just need to decide to do it.
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    Hero1 reacted to 2fresh in I finally got to meet Will!   
    I thought I'd share my experience from a week ago when I finally got the chance to meet Will or at least see him live.
    I haven't been on the forums here in a long long time, but Will was here in Australia recently and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try to see him in when it was announced that the morning show, Sunrise was going to have an exclusive interview and meet and greet with the man himself. 
    Messaged the boss and told him that I wasn't coming in for that reason and he gave me the all clear. Got on the phone to my best mate and told him what was up and the next morning we were right there at the fence-line waiting for Will to come out.
    I took with me a couple of things I was hoping to get signed, including a couple of shirts and a custom made FRESH licence plate. 
    Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to exchange words with Will or even get a selfie, which some people were fortunate enough to get, however, not all was lost. I managed to get in at the nick of time for Will to sign my licence plate.
    To say the least I was beside myself with excitement.
    Definitely a bucket list moment for me and I hope I get the chance again to try for a selfie and chat. 
    I've attached some pics from the day. I know that some of the pics aren't the greatest of quality but in the heat of the moment it was very hard to get a good picture and try to get things signed and get Will's attention :P.

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    Hero1 got a reaction from KevTastic in Vinyl Destination - General Thread   
    Best one in a while!
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    Hero1 reacted to bigted in Get Lit   
    jeff seems to do it the right way as i said, that's the greatest resource, hang out for a week and get something done, FOLLOW JEFF WILL!
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    Hero1 reacted to TheFre$hPrince in Get Lit   
    That's what I wish for. Just drop some music for the love of making music instead of trying to fit into some mainstream category. Drop the songs, drop an album without trying to go multi platinum and 100 million+ clicks on youtube. That's not what I'm waiting for as a fan. I want him to drop some bars on hiphop and break beats along with those jazzy scratches. Just do it! :D
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    Hero1 got a reaction from TheFre$hPrince in Get Lit   
    Yeah the music industry is basically dead these days. No one buys music. "Albums" don't even really exist anymore. Kids stream a song they like and that's about it. That's why I can't understand why Will even cares about a "hit song". Just do some JJFP for the longtime fans. 
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    Hero1 reacted to DevilsJim89 in Get Lit   
    Hey man - I agree with all that you said.
    I don't mind Get Lit as I do enjoy house and some EDM but he's not giving us what we want. We want BARS! Will needs to actually SPIT BARS. Once that happens, he'll get more attention online. I don't care if he wants to experiment, you have to as an artist. Caution in the WIld could've been so much better if it was a full song and if he didn't repeat the same 4 lines or so in both "verses". The Fiesta remix video was pretty dope - imagine if those visuals were used for a proper rap comeback song. 
    I've been saying it for years that he's super secretive and insecure about his music...but says one thing and then says something else. He drops L+F saying how much he loves music and then never drops another single or album. In the music industry, if you don't have some recent, it's out of sight, out of mind and in Will's case - 12 years?! Completely out of mind. There's a whole generation of people who didn't know he was a rapper before the movies. 
    Another example - back in 2005, he said he was going to do stuff online. Where's the website? He doesn't even have a legit website. How about a soundcloud? He's so out of touch. I don't think he's cared much either about his music career and truth be told - it shows.
    One more example in 2015 - "Oh yeah Jeff and I are going to do a proper world tour because we've never done it and its going to be in 2016."  ....We got 2 shows in 2016. Not exactly a tour. 
    I get he's the biggest movie star on the planet but give me a break - he doesn't have to make movies another day in his life. If you really wanted to do music - you do it. Don't say we're going on tour and then go sign on for another 2 movies....seriously. This is where my frustration sets in. 
    If he wants to be taken seriously again regarding music, he needs to drop bars. Plain and simple.  You don't need to sell records anymore - just do it for the love and people will respond. 
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    Hero1 reacted to JumpinJack AJ in Great interview with Jeff   
    I'm familiar with the story of how Will took "Men In Black " to them. It was funny that they then had to work with Columbia to put "Men In Black" and "Just Cruisin'" on JJ+FP's "Greatest Hits" album. Those singles helped bring the package together (along with Yo! Home To Bel-Air, Lovely Daze, and the Megamix). It makes you wonder what Big Willie Style would have looked like on Jive. Jive had only started dabbling in pop music, so they were still primarily a Hip-Hop and R&B label. Would we have gotten "Big Willie Style" or would we have gotten a JJ+FP album?
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    Hero1 reacted to JumpinJack AJ in Great interview with Jeff   
    I love this interview. The cool thing about Jeff's interviews is that there always seems to be at least one thing we've never heard before.  "Live At Union Square" has been talked about before, but it was good to hear him talk about it, rather than read about it. Hearing him talk about DJ's parties at Philly was kind of funny. I never thought about how the music impacts the behavior of the party.
    It's interesting that Jeff is the one who prompted FP to mellow out his delivery on "Summertime," which went on to impact many of his songs since then.  Their exit from Jive is really interesting. It's crazy that they treated JJ+FP so poorly in the end, but didn't make it easy for them to leave. It makes me wonder if Will is so loaded these days that he can simply buy back their catalogue. With Jive being long gone, it truly is only business at this point. 
    Lastly, I love that they made it so that you can download the interview.
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    Hero1 reacted to KevTastic in Get Lit   
    Yeh Guys. It really is a social media marketing world now. Do whatever you ca
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    Hero1 reacted to Dave Nicoll in JAZZY JEFF AND FRESH PRINCE ARE BACK | 2 LIVE SHOWS   
    Nicole thanks for pointing me in the right direction to get my T-shirt order changed and for your part in getting Jeff and Will on stage again for the concerts :-)
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    Hero1 got a reaction from VIsqo in Get Lit   
    I like the studio version!
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    Hero1 got a reaction from FreshPrincess in JAZZY JEFF AND FRESH PRINCE ARE BACK | 2 LIVE SHOWS   
    Here are some photos of the JJFP.com crew @ Blackpool! I will write an entire article about the night but I am still processing it. It truly was an amazing concert!

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    Hero1 got a reaction from FreshPrincess in JAZZY JEFF AND FRESH PRINCE ARE BACK | 2 LIVE SHOWS   
    Here are some photos of the JJFP.com crew @ Blackpool! I will write an entire article about the night but I am still processing it. It truly was an amazing concert!